Use of mask at the airport terminals and CIBC branch located at level 2 and misc important observations. Posted dated July 20 of 2022


I frequently hear the announcements to use the masks all the time at the airport terminal, what was not mentioned was whether the announcement was for airport workers or the travelers or both. Many travelers don’t use the masks.

CIBC branches do not use masks but the. CIBC branch at the airport level 2 is using masks.

Banks, libraries and other agencies check the IDs two pieces. Sometimes they keep a copy of it. I hope that they do not use these ID numbers or copies from the system for their personal use such as to show family like association by lies or misuse it for getting a legal showing IDs and records with the help of lies or position of power etc. I hope relevant authorities should and do confirm such cases, with the original owner of the IDs before believing the liar’s (or mis user’s lies under the disguise of uniforms, position, job titles etc.

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Khalid Mahmood
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