Attention: I am still waiting for boarding the next flight EK 242 (or another carrier), since now I have a ticket which was generated electronically for the airline, now I can take Emirates commercial flight. I am back in the building at terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport Level 3 and I am ready/standby after a sleep overnight in Hamilton. Message relayed on July 20, 21, 22 of 2022 Day #201, Day #202, Day #203, Day #204 from the Toronto Pearson International Airport- All are welcome to approach me and talk to me with positive, friendly and helping intentions and attitude (no hostility please), I can be spotted at the ground level doors “P, Q and R” occasionally on level 1, (level 2 near recharging stations) also Level 3 departures. Posted July 13 of 2022 08h00 Day #194 repeated Day #199, Day #200 & Day #201, Day #202 and Day #203, Day #204- I can be seen at Terminal 1 (Aisle 13 used by Emirates, some times around Aisle 1 used by Air Canada) on July 18 of 2022, have been here since early morning July 13 of 2022. I was booked in/out of a dormitory bed C3 located on 2nd floor on July 17 of 2022 at the shelter in Hamilton. A Request by Khalid Mahmood (Chief of Technical Army).

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN/INTERESTAny one who wants to ascertain my whereabouts, call my mobile number (289)990-6590 directly. instead of relying on unreliable lies.

I wonder if Prime Minister’s office can help me leave from Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal 1, on next flight to Saudi Arabia or Masdar City, UAE.

Please note that my presence at the Terminal 1 Toronto Pearson Airport has no link to the 94 York Blvd shelter program. I am waiting for the emergency Evacuation Flight at my own initiative for the past several days and not sleeping at night.

I, the undersigned Called Ontario Premier’s office around 18h48 on July 14 of 2022 and requested Premier to help me with a east bound flight out of Toronto as soon as possible. I indicated that I will pay back the cost of the ticket when I get my pay cheque in Saudi Arabia. I called premier’s Office because my issue was related to provincial matters such as OW file termination in December 2021, I was Forced out of my residence of five years without legal N4 document which resulted in me taking shelter at 84 York Blvd in Hamilton since June 20. My present situation is due to provincial matters. All this resulted in lack of money because if which I am unable to purchase a ticket. That’s why I called for premier’s help to put me in a fight so that I return to my previous country of residence prior to Immigration in 1993. I called phone 211 again on July 15 around noon time to find out the result of my request. But the person on the phone was from Service Ontario and was not able to under stand why I called premier’s Office for this matter.

It was confirmed to me by a case worker of the shelter during a meeting about a week ago when I asked how many people were there at the shelter by the name “Khalid” and how many people were there at the shelter by the name of “Mahmood”. I was told I (i e. the undersigned) was the only person at the shelter by the name of {KHALID MAHMOOD}. So no one else can claim to be {Khalid Mahmood} in my absence from the shelter 94 York Blvd. It is a legal matter, it is not a matter which can be achieved by muscle power or stubbornness and fear mongering. Such people should have rational and logical thinking and approach, instead of childish tantrums to get “gimmies, gimmies” like babies. more was documented on this name issue in my precautionary notes published earlier, from time to time.

Four Page Handwritten Appeal Document July 2022

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Ontario ID#: M01684340561220


Dormitory bed C3 on 2nd floor on July 17 of 2022.

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