A reminder to all the concerned and people involved that it is a serious crime and illegal act to stop all the financial and earning methods to punish some one for unknown third person’s crimes. Every one has a right to make/earn a living. To stop and prevent some one from making/earning a living by lies and political style negative propaganda is a serious crime and a human rights matter. Even children before adult age have certain rights to get money (to spend for incidentals as part of their cash handling training), is one of those rights. To stop money on responsible adults and to stop sources of income on responsible adults is a serious human rights issue and a crime. Even criminals are allowed to seek employment and are allowed to go to work during their imprisonment. Something to think about. This is NOT Robin Hood time period when such practices against certain people of the society were considered heroic. In my situation I was depleted of my prime working life by keeping me on OW social assistance for a long period of time. Even OW was terminated at age 65 in December 2021. For the past nearly 30 weeks I have no social assistance money and ODSP has not completed processing my application for the past 75 days. Posted July 20 of 2022 Day #201 Repeated August 09 of 2022 Day #221

A rocket science education is not needed to figure out the intentions behind all this, it is very clear, i.e.the objectives of doing all this. When people have no possessions, no assets no money, i.e. completely destituted certain people come around, whisper in the ear “now you die” meaning they induce death in people by doing tbis. But this was not part of my immigration process. Neither I was informed of this through the publications nor was this disclosed to us by the embassy officials. So was it a trap. Engineers and qualified professionals will not accept this knowingly. It may be normal to induce death in People like this in govt circles etc. but I am not affiliated with any such groups. I am an Engineer not part of govt. organization. I am a offspring of a business man, who also lived in a Arabic speaking country Kuwait, before staring his own business. Those who do this lie about facts (fabricate information i.e. tell lies) to prevent help from reaching the person.

Although I am Citizen I was prevented from gainful employment just to keep my OW social assistance file open since 2006 to 2021. In December 2021 it was closed due to age 65 after that todate i.e. about 30 weeks have no social assistance money. Applied for ODSP eat May 2022, which is still in progress, although the application was completed over the phone on May 10th during a 30-40 minutes process.

I was not a govt. Employee in Canada. I am not getting any kind of pension or CPP, I am not getting any Old age benefits. I am not retiring just want to roll back my life and want to fall back on my previous contract work in Saudi Arabia as it was before my immigration to Canada in 1993.

Published by Khalid Mahmood

Ontario DM#:M01684340561220


Resheltered at 15 Wilkinson Rd., Brampton ON L6T4X1 (after Hamilton Shelter were full in July 2022)

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