FYI – I was at terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport Dated July 11 of 2022 Day #192 around 11h05 – All are welcome to approach me and talk to me with positive, friendly and helping intentions and attitude (no hostility please), I can be spotted at the ground level doors “P, Q and R” occasionally on level 1, ( level 2 near recharging stations) also Level 3 departures. I am waiting for information regarding Emergency Evacuation flight. Is there some one who can talk to me about emergency flights today, how to get to them. Day #192


It was confirmed to me by a case worker of the shelter during a meeting about a week ago when I asked how many people were there at the shelter by the name “Khalid” and how many people were there at the shelter by the name of “Mahmood”. I was told I (i e. the undersigned) was the only person at the shelter by the name of {KHALID MAHMOOD}. So no one else can claim to be {Khalid Mahmood} in my absence from the shelter 94 York Blvd. It is a legal matter, it is not a matter which can be achieved by muscle power or stubbornness and fear mongering. Such people should have rational and logical thinking and approach, instead of childish tantrums to get “gimmies, gimmies” like babies. more was documented on this name issue in my precautionary notes published earlier, from time to time.

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