List of events since after my OW file was transferred from OW Niagara Region to Hamilton Ontario in 2017. Posted on July 01 of 2022 Day #182 repeated Day#183 Updated July 03 of 2022 Repeated Day #185

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN/INTEREST (Rocket science education is not needed to figure out the intentions and message behind such a treatment given to legal, non-criminal citizens of Canada.) as described below.

1. A Student of McMaster university wrote a intent to rent document in April 2017 to rent to me at 52 Emerson, which I submitted to OW case worker in Niagara Falls Of Niagara Region. However after my arrival in Hamilton at the address (I felt that students were misguided by some one) and students did not honor their intent to rent letter and did not complete the transaction, did not give a key to the place, did not prepare a rental document etc. and just after one nights stay at the intended place they broke the deal and told me to look for another place. As a result of this I booked in at the Salvation Army shelter at 94 York Blvd for few nights. Another place that I found after 52 Emerson was 2-671Fennell Ave. East. where I lived for over five years.

2. in November 2018 I was arrested and imprisoned non-criminal by the Hamilton Police from my ID address. However since I was released within 25 hours I did not loose my place and the property. It was wrong arrest, and safely got back and resumed my residency in the same place i.e. 2-671Fennell Ave. East.

3. In October 2020 during Pandemic, dead bolt of my door #2 malfunctioned and was not unlocking by the key in my possession, as a result of which I was out of my place for five days and nights untill I found a locksmith to unlock the dead bolt without changing it. (cost factor, just unlocking costed about $252 dollars). this happened at 2-671 Fennell Ave. East location.

4. In June 2022 an illegal and hostile break in by the manager of rent receiver with running power tools in hands which resulted in an illegal end of tenancy without court endorsed N4 document. Also all my belongings were stolen and not given to me. Again this resulted me to seek a refuge at the Salvation Army shelter located at 94 York Blvd in Hamilton. Neither I was given any instructions nor any weapons to deal with such situations and bullies. This was a housing stability property at 2-671 Fennel Ave. East in Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada.

All these acts were illegal and were based on agenda of destitute makers, which depleted me of all my possessions, property and caused stress and difficulty without support by the social system. Seeking a shelter at a Shelter is a extreme, harsh and unlikable measure. Being a professional I do not like to depend on social system, it is just it was imposed on me by circumstances beyond my control. More on this matter was covered in my precautionary notes. In Karachi where I grew up there is no shelter system and such situations do not happen. Also other relatives help if such a situation occurs i e. rarely.

Recently when I was talking to another shelter staff I detected that they assume people go to a shelter by choice for fun. It is possible that some people use shelters for that purpose. But my situation is different and I clarified that I use shelter only in personal emergency situation when there was no other alternative. Neither I use shelter for fun nor I use shelters by choice, it is just circumstances and destitute makers (non-religious) agenda. Also I explained to them that I am home bound, but not homeless.

When I was talking to eMam of a Hamilton Downtown mosque about my difficulty that I was staying at the Shelter due to break-in at my place. eMam said spontaneously subhan allah (سبحان اللہ ). I replied to him that staying at shelter is not such a nice experience for me. Perhaps he was misinformed or he also thought that people stay at shelters for fun. It was a hardship for me caused by illegal actions of others, not once but several times.

This list presented above is only for what happened to me in Hamilton Ontario Canada during 2017 to 2022. — 2013 to early 2017 events (including attack and robbery on me in February 2017) of Niagara Region were also documented elsewhere on my web site

I am not staff of any shelter, never was and never will be. I am not in the shelter working group. I am staying at the shelter due to a personal emergency, same was the reason for my stays at shelters in the past, such as Southridge shelter in St. Catharines, Salvation Army Shelter in St. Catharines, Chez marie (I was paying rent by cheque) in St. Catharines and Casa el Norte etc in Fort Erie. All of these stays since 2013 at shelters were due to personal emergency not for fun/not by choice.

Meeting with a manager of the shelter and two other staff on July 04 of 2022 around 13h30 to discuss my requirement of Emergency Evacuation flight. She stated that age was not disability.

Reason behind choosing Canada to live in 1993 was not this kind of life style. It was professional life style that attracted us to Canada as a place to raise children for better future.

By Khalid Mahmood displaced illegally from my place of over Five years. Now I am homebound and not pursuing to rent another place in Canada, I have a feeling that every place I rent in Canada will end like this.

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