FYI – Shelter at 94 York Blvd in Hamilton Ontario L8R1R6 where I was staying since June 20 of 2022 was full tonight on July 02, no beds, this made it a night out for me tonight. I am enjoying the nice weather outdoors in Downtown. If I get too sleepy I will try to find another shelter with availability. Posted July 02 of 2022 around 20h00 Day #184. Updated Day #184


I got my spot back at the same shelter 94 York Blvd Shelter in Hamilton with the intervention of Emam Shaikh Kamal when I saw him in the mosque during the last prayer of the day past night (July 02 of 2022), I requested him to book me in a shelter. When I entered the shelter around 23h15, I saw many people around the intake counter as if the shelter staff was in a informal meeting. I got the attention of one of the staff after few (longer than few) minutes (after some hesitation). I told her my reason being there with reference to the Emam’s Shaikh Kamal’s call, she checked her listings and confirmed that there was a bed booked-in for me in Dorm C and cleared me to sleep for the past night. All night there was lot of disturbance and noisy surroundings.

This morning on July 03 of 2022 around 05h00 several alarms were heard when I was getting out of bed, I quickly got ready (briefly used the men’s wash room) went downstairs and spoke to the desk staff to book me out immediately because Emam Shaikh Kamal made my booking only for the past night. After that, I exited the shelter building and walked towards the hamilton down town mosque to see the Emam. A fire truck was seen arriving at the building by the time I was at the traffic light intersection, fire truck stopped near the door with buzzer/bell. I went to the mosque, Emam Shaikh Kamal was not seen there, spoke a person, came out of the mosque and walked back, as I was walking towards the Bay street, I could still see the fire truck at the building. when I crossed the road towards first Ontario center, truck was gone. I waived at the desk staff from across the street and continued my walk of the morning.

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