APPEAL TO RESCUE . – . . . . . – . – . . . – . ME IMMEDIATELY, Dated MAY 26 of 2022 TO People of the World, Urgent and serious matter (this is real, not fake, please do not ignore)-I am in need of Urgent attention Please Help (my OW Social assistance file was “terminated” due to age 65 on December 31 of 2021. I am not applying for Old Age benefits because I am opting out of Citizenship and moving out of Canada permanently, I am not retiring and want to go back to my previous work in Jubail Saudi Arabia or Masdar City) – A message published by “KHALID MAHMOOD” in Hamilton Ontario Canada L8V1V3 – I need a one way plane ticket and spending money to leave from Canada to go back to my previous contract work, Please enable and facilitate me to leave from here, reinstate my contract of the past. ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄






I am not a retired person from a govt. position, I am not a pensioner, I am NOT OW staff/employee, NOT receiving OW Pay (my assistance cheque deposit was shown as Pay (abbreviation for Payment) in my bank but it was not Salary Pay it was some kind of deception to sugar coat the social assistance Payment as Pay. (In a phone call/interview to update my OW file on March 26 of 2021 at around 14h00 PM Case Manger told me that OW stops at the age 65 and wanted me to apply for old age. My response to this was that I have no information why it was suggested to me by a lawyer (Naila Parsons) in Ottawa to apply for this OW program early 2006. I also told the case manager that I was NOT retiring and I want to go back to my previous contract work at the plant in Jubail or elsewhere in Dubai or Kuwait). I have decided after nearly 30 years to opt out of Canadian Citizenship, move out of Canada permanently and not maintain it any more after I leave from Canada on PRE-IMMIGRATION status. Please help – I have opted out of all voter lists. Also I submitted to revoke my hpl library card which was completed in a timely fashion.

Please consider to help me (the under signed) as described in the letter below or better which is acceptable and suitable for me (excluding USA because of USA authorities orders on multiple occasions which can be seen in A-File on record).

There is a obvious pattern in all this as detected by me since 2015, I have been forced to go to shelters (due to lack of money) during the time in the shelters I find a place to rent and leave the shelter, I establish my place for people to know where I live, again I get kicked out of the rented property for unknown reason, again go to the shelter due to the lack of the money and repeat of the same thing again and again since 2015 (happened in Ottawa ass well but no so frequently)

Why ??? what have I done so wrong, I want to leave from this country to my previous work setting.
This has been done to me four times since 2015.
(occurances of similar behaviour in Ottawa and Fairless Hills not counted here).


My visitors are requested and urged (NOT TO KNOCK) just to call my phone number 289-990-6590 when in the hallway on the upper floor of 671 Fennell Ave. East, or say my complete name in clear voice (no whispering at the door) “KHALID MAHMOOD” خالدمحمود at my door #2 on upper Floor (corresponding to my ID address 2-671 Fennell Ave. East), and I will respond accordingly if I was indoors, no response would mean I was sleeping or I was outdoors for personal errands or health walk, but I am NOT hiding because I always live at my ID address . (except in Saudi Arabia where home address is not on ID) I publish my ID on open media and on my website as well on regular basis to make it easy for people to come to me.

(Absolutely Not hiding, I am non-criminal and I am a legal citizen in the country of my present residence. I am a tenant in this building with proper authorization (later on I found I was trapped to rent here). Rental document was submitted to case manager (OW central office) of the file before move in, so I have no reason to hide and I am not playing hide and seek (or Tom and Jerry) because I never played hide and seek in my childhood).

In addition my visitors are requested not to interfere and please do not socialize with anyone else on the upper floor of 671 specially anyone seen in adjacent open Door #3 or anyone else who tries to intercept and misguide with false information / deception. They have their own agenda and I am not associated with them absolutely NOT, they were not my well wishers. Please do not give anyone opportunity to intercept just ignore.

Following is the link to the Updated 4 page appeal document written in 2021 still valid in 2022.  Click, touch or Tap on it to open and read the updated document. Or copy the link below in browser.

Please disregard the containers in the hallway around the kitchen wall, compketely un-related to my unit 2 /Door #2 with or without curtain and means nothing. This setup of containers was (just to fool someone) to catch the water drops falling from the ceiling above as if it was raining outside, where as temperature outside was below freezing mark (in past winter), essentially it was just artificial rain in the hallway. Perhaps containers were used as some kind of hurdle or barrier to protect some one.

(directions to my apt. are as follows: take the Steps up the stairs through the front side glass door of 671, at the top of the stairs open the metal door with glass window and turn left. Enter through the wooden door – my apt Door #2 with or without curtain is located on the left, kitchen is straight ahead in front of the wooden door. this side of the building is west side).

and has a light bulb on my door #2 (does not belong to open Door 3 which may be on or off irrelevant).

My recent experiences and some other personal reasons have forced me to make this decision (decision accepted/approved by the OW case manager during file update on Feb 07 of 2020 just before pendemic lockdowns) to leave from Canada immediately to one of the countries mentioned in my handwritten letter because of my past working life in that area, for the similar reasons for which we decided to come to Canada many years ago in 1993 as landed family in ND2 category.

In other simple words I want to leave from Canada and return to my previous working life i.e. Pre-immigration status.

I need a Kafel (financial sponsor) in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, or Kuwait to work in one of these countries. I can be contacted directly without any intermediary to work out the details and schedule.I am available to leave immediately after my travel arrangements are made and contract is ready with a pay cheque and accommodation.

Please help and save me from this abusive, hopeless and helpless situation before it is too late.

Please note that despite any changes to the appearance of the wooden door of my unit 2 (or Door# 2) on the upper floor of 671 Fennell Ave. East, which is accessible through the glass door in front and/or metal door in the back alley or the posters on the top, this is the same building as before and I am still at the same address which is also my ID address, same GPS coordinates and plus code, no change.

Also my door light (a bulb) on unit 2 wooden door is back on. No more darkness in the corner of my ~~ unit 2, there may be other dark spots.

I am not involved, I am not associated with anyone or any business in this building. I am an independent monthly rent paying tenant since 2017 May — (58 months in February 2022).

I am not a staff or a member of any work group in this building, Not associated with any one in this building, I am just a rent paying monthly tenant since 2017 May.

I am not a COVID worker (Absolutely not in any capacity, no connection at all),

I am not paid by any agency, I am separated/divorced from wife and live a unmarried life since 2005, I am a Soleproprietor IBO myself with no income yet and rely on OW social assistance. That’s why I want to return to my previous contract work that I was doing before with a pay cheque.

Since I am not ill I did not apply for any COVID benefits (self screening).

Please help me return to normal life, my emergency is different than the COVID emergency.

There is an obvious pattern in all this as detected by me since 2015, I have been forced to go to shelters (due to lack of money) during the time in the shelters I find a place to rent and leave the shelter, I establish my place for people to know where I live, again I get kicked out of the rented property for unknown reason, again go to the shelter due to the lack of the money and repeat of the same thing again and again since 2015.

Why ?? what have I done so wrong. I want to know the legal reasons, not the personal reasons, not the domestic reasons, not the lies or make believes covered by sugar coated illusions. (make believes may be useful for training children but not acceptable for serious/legal matters).

I want to leave from this country to my previous work settings in Saudi Arabia or similar in that area.

This has been done to me multiple times, perhaps four times reasons.


I saw my father (who was in business) and other relatives work hard in their businesses and provide a better life to their family and not depend on the Govt. assistance. Govt. provided assistance did not exist there, we rather paid tax to the Govt. When businesses flourish, generates more income which makes it better for every one (I never knew a system where business income and means would be suppressed . As a student I worked very hard to obtain necessary education to become an Engineer (completed in 1980) without using much of family resources and to have a better life for myself and for my family and not depend on Govt. provided social assistance. Higher level Engineering Education is not required to qualify for OW social assistance. “To live on OW social” assistance was not a requirement neither a condition of my immigration.

I want to return to my previous professional working life of 1993 on pre immigration status immediately.

Please Help


Defeat the movie like deception in real life, games of make believe, defeat the people behind these deceptions and don’t let the deception fool any one. Defeat the bullies and bullyism.

Published by the undersigned:


▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄  ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄

خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا



2-671 Fennell Ave. East,

(Door#: 2 on the upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V 1V3 Canada

(correct postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V1V3, it is NOT 3J3).

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May – Five years+ this month in 2022 – I was trapped to rent in such building, I did not ask for this address.)

A suggestion to the technical and Engineering Colleges/Universities to include some courses in their programme to prepare graduate students to learn to survive the shock and stress of govt. provided social assistance due to unemployment and unknown reasons, which I was never/not taught.

. – – . . – . – – . . – . – . – . – . – – . . – . . . – . . – – . – . – . . . . – . – . . . – . . – . . . – – . – . . – . . – . – – – . – . . – – . – – . . – . . – – – – . – – – – . – . – – . . . – . . . – . . . . – – – – . – . . . . . – – . . – . . – . – – – . – – – . . . – – – – . – . . . . – . – . . . . . . . – . . . . – . . – . – . . . . . . – . . . – . – . . . – . . . – – . . . . – . . .

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