I am not in possession of any pre paid debit cards and no credit cards (except PC financial master card, absolutely not. I just use debit cards linked to my chequing accounts (PC financials and Simplii finsncials), which means any transaction on debit card comes out of my chequing account in real time (electronic cash), and gets posted immediately in my linked chequing account and can not be seen on the debit card records like a credit card transaction. Transactions on credit are not linked to chequing accounts, rather transactions on credit cards come out of credit limits, which is like spending money that card/account holders do not have, which results in debt and can become a reason for bankruptcy and eventually, destitute (non-religious). Where as transactions on Interac/ debit cards linked to chequing accounts are like cash transactions, debt free.

A famous TV serial (which came to my mind while browsing the Internet) of the past by the title of Oshin prompted me to post that I am not operating and not in brothel business or any other activity related to brothels, absolutely not. I am not a sex trader, I am not a sex worker and I am not in any sex related business at all, absolutely not. Because I am Technical Army. One student in Bucks County asked me in the year 2004 if I was a pimp. I was not sure at that time why she was asking me such an irrelevant question. No, I am not a pimp, I never was a pimp. I never will be a pimp. Also by the end of 2023 I will be 67 years of age, I was 66 years of age in 2022 and 65 years of age in 2021. I am not a teen ager or high school kid who would be involved in such street level sex activities.

(non-militant and non-combatant) _ سینئر خالد محمود. (Senior Khalid Mahmood) and my website is – No one should (NOT) dare to take it over because it is for my technical work as well in addition to documenting my experiences. I am Senior member of IEEE since 2008 and I am of Senior age (65 since December 2021).

I am the founder of my Technical Army and my positions is COTA. — I am NOT associated, NOT involved with any other Army, absolutely NOT, never have been in the past.

After the mechanical malfunction mess up of the dead bolt lock of my door #2 in October of 2020, my door #2 has been open (unlocked) since than. There was no (paid or unpaid) maintenance services available for 6 days , so I was out of my place for 5 nights, no quick fix. So my door #2 has been open (or unlocked) for me to enter because I live here and I am the monthly rent paying legal tenant of this address 2-671 Fennell Ave East L8V1V3 in Hamilton Ontario Canada, but not for others. Others are not allowed to enter in my absence. It would be illegal break-in to enter in my absence. When I am around present in the building they should consult with me, if required to enter. This malfunction was reported to OW case manager as well immediately same day and I requested a hotel stay which was not provided by him.

Just because I am not locking the deadbolt of my door #2, does not mean open for public, no it is not, no one should enter to steal anything from my premises because my ID address 2-671 Fennell Ave. East in Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 in Canada is not a public resource center and stolen/missing/borrowed/supplies are not replenished by any agency funding (public or private), it costs money to replenish such items. Perhaps this is one of the several method used by the destitute makers to deplete resources without replenishing and without compensating for consuming. So please refrain from it. Also this address is not a museum, not a rest stop, not a distribution center etc. This address is not a place to hide like a bathroom (where babies/children play hide and seek) etc. This is my private residence, I live at this address for the past 57 months as monthly rent paying tenant with legal authorization. Please do not believe any third person’s lies to committ theft (not even under any movie like authority deception, or fast and sweet/sharp talking impostors etc. authorization.), approach me, talk to me directly directly. To arrest and imprison people for no-crime (non-criminal) after isolating from family, friends and work is a step towards destitute making. Because when released from the prison people come out of prison just with the clothes on, without any one to take care of and no where to go. This is destitute making. I was arrested twice in USA during summer and released at the Canadian border twice in January (2006 and 2013) in cold weather without winter clothing. I was put through this many times.

It will be a foolish idea to make a fool of me, to ignore my such requests, and to consider that what goes on at my premises in my absence will not be noticed.

Few more instances of similar behaviour were as follows – my bed was thrown out of unit 43 of NF courtside Inn in July 2014, sudden closure of NF Courtside Inn in Niagara Falls around Easter 2015 long weekend without giving me my belongings (T2 application was filed and reported to Mayor’s office), Police involvement past midnight Victoria Day 2016 to tell me to leave, robbery and attack in Niagara Falls in February 2017 in Niagara Falls with out giving me my belongings are destitute making attempts without compensating me for my losses and hardship. Hamilton Police arrested me non-criminal from my ID address in Hamilton in November 2018 and imprisoned me for about 25 hours. However, this time around I did not lose my belongings, place and documents like other times in the past. Incident was reported to OIPRD immediately after release. Windows Curtain dispute was started in 2019 by the manager of the person who rented me this unit in 2017. My OW file was terminated due to age 65 in 2021 with last regular monthly payment on December 31 of 2021. No money was received in 2022 as of February 16 of 2022.

These destitute making efforts appear to be sophisticated (scientifically disguised) method of reducing the population as a end result of it. Can also be compared with hunters techniques when they isolate a targeted prey from the herd before taking it dead or alive.


I wrote in my four page handwritten appeal document at the bottom with address that I have a curtain on my door. Some unknown people have been making an effort (repeatedly) to make that wrong and to create a confusion by stealing curtains (multiple times) from my door #2 and stealing my handwritten signs. So now I have a curtain on the inside of my door, a part of it is visible on the outside of the door #2 over the door knob as a flare, so beware of it. Legal method to locate some one is by ID address or by inviting for a social meeting or legal meeting. Such clues like curtains, decoration etc should be secondary method to locate some one, my address has not changed in 2022, it is still the same for the past 57 months which is also on my ID. Such clues are temporary, might change and just added convenience without any legality.

Tenants have a right to personalize the place where they live. I use curtains, handwritten signs, lights, decoration etc. to personalize and to show my presence, but not to hide. I have a curtain in my windows as well to protect from day light glare and harmful rays. But not to hide.


It is a common practice to get the internet included with the rent, like utilities etc. in all inclusive rent, but in this building 2-671 Fennell Ave. East, where I live for the past 57 months internet was not included as a cable or wireless service, no Land line of phone, I use my own mobile phone number since 2013 which I bought from wind mobile in St. Catherines. I do not use any one else’s wifi internet in this building. One person by the name of Doug who was seen using hip joint adjacent unit 3 in 2020/2021 offered to give me his password for something in 2020/2021 which I declined, did not accept it from him. (It is Illegal and a crime to use some one else’s password).


I, the undersigned, live in unit 2 at 671 Fennell Ave. East on the Upper Floor because this unit was rented to me and is my legal address on my ID.Any one else who says to live in two, simply means the person was creating a puzzle. What that puzzle means is that they (occupy two spaces for cat and mouse game, some times here , some times there) live in their own unit in this building such as 3-671, 4-671 etc. 7-671, 8-671 all the addresses of upper floor upto 12-671 Fennell Ave. East and in addition they live else’s where as well which is their second place to make two (lives in two) . As per my observation second location could be within this Building or outdoors in a house. That’s why they would claim to live in two. Two is used as a count not as a number of the unit or apartment.I just live in unit 2 of the building 2-671 Fennell Ave. East without any other second location. (Unit 2 is used as a address number not as a counting number).

I do not use any other address on the upper floor of 671 Fennell. There may be some common attributes which these people around me might use to confuse people to say that any person with a common attribute 1 can be shown to live in unit x, because they are connected with authority positions so even lies should be believed (absolutely NOT), but that will not be applicable to me because I am a rent paying tenant legally assigned address 2-671 Fennell Ave. East. Other people are not concerned about legalities because they go in hiding at their second location if and when required. I have a feeling they have a insider who alerts them when to go in hiding at other location. So lies based on certain attributes should not be believed in legal matters.

Authorities are supposed to suppress crime gangs not work with crime gangs, if they work with and for crime gangs than what about democratic values that says elected govt’s are for the people , by people , of the people (common people not mafia people) –


I am declaring voluntarily that I am signing all documents (which require signing) for myself (the undersigned) not for anyone else (absolutely NOT), my bank accounts, electronic assetts such as web profiles, electronic login IDs, email addresses, technical and non- technical memberships, points and loyalty memberships, my website and domain name are all single user non-transferable created, owned and maintained by the undersigned (خالد محمود) only, nothing is joint with anyone (absolutely NOT).

I have not granted any permission to anyone, not issued any power of attorney to anyone (absolutely NOT) to use any of the above mentioned assetts. In addition no one is authorised to sign or make any transaction (or negotiate) any documents on my behalf for any purpose (absolutely NOT).

Any paper work, IDs, legal documents, generated due to my appearances/applications at various agencies (USA, CANADA or any other Country) is for myself only not for anyone else (absolutely NOT), regardless whether it is in my possession or not (absolutely non-transferable).

Any personal work I do in my own time with my own resources at my rental ID addresses belongs to me and owned by me not by the owner of the buildings/properties or the management groups/companies.

Only exceptions are as follows:

I have signed documents such as birth certificate applications, school admission documents, children’s school home work, School reports, medical documents, travel documents for my three legal children when they were minor, due to divorce and physical separation from me they were out of my care and out of my reach since 2005.


Also that I am not overweight (my height and weight ratio is normal), and my height is

65″ (in inch) or

165 (in cm) or

5′ – 5″ (in feet & inches) or

5.42′ (in feet only)-

(Different units make the numbers look different but physically same size).

(exception to this rule is Temperature -40 in C is same as -40 in F)

(Where C=Celcius and F=Fahrenheit)

My height in four different units since 1980. (First time ever I needed to know my height was in Karachi in 1980 for my passport to travel to Eindhoven on student visa. I am not sure if my family doctors monitored my height before that, my vaccination was fully monitors on regular basis by my family doctors in Karachi Pakistan.)

Defeat the deceptions, defeat movie like illusions in real human life, dont be fooled by it.

This is my legal position, will remain valid in any court of law.


Published by the undersigned:


خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا



A suggestion to the technical and Engineering Colleges/Universities to include some courses in their programme to prepare graduate students to learn to survive the shock and stress of govt. provided social assistance due to unemployment and unknown reasons, which I was never/not taught.

published by the undersigned:




Situated in Region of Peel of Ontario Canada, waiting for my flight out of Canada to go back home to Saudi Arabia, country of my previous residency before immigration to Canada.

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