In continuation of my previous precautionary notes/volunteer disclosures of my personal information published/documented earlier  – Updated August 10 of 2022 Day # 222 repeated Day #223.


All my precautionary notes are applicable independent of any specific location, Country or address, also independent of Given/First name, Family/Last name or complete name or any other combination of my name “KHALID MAHMOOD”

This a reminder to my previous declarations that I have no blood relatives or legal family members such brothers, parents any where in Canada because they were not part (not included) of my immigration

A suggestion to the technical and Engineering Colleges/Universities to include some courses in their programme to prepare graduate students to learn to survive the shock and stress of govt. provided social assisstance due to unemployment and unknown reasons, which I was never/not taught. I was not mentally prepared for it and it was not part of my plan to give up my career and residency else where and live in Canada like this for so many years (non- criminal).


I am not a pensioner, I am not a retiree, I arrived in Canada as Landed Family in 1993 with spouse and a child before the age of 40 not as a retired person. (other two children were born in North York (NYGH in 1994) and Ottawa (Riverside 1997). This information is not new rather it is just a refersher. Same information alongwith other information was provided to OW case manager during the QA session at the time of opening the OW social assistance file in April of 2006 and subsquent file updates as and when required.

I am not IT team for (or with) anyone, not associated with any IT teams. Any profile updates, android updates, web research etc. I do for myself in my own time without any computers without any equipment. I just use my phone for all (most) my personal IT work. IT (or ICT) is not my occupation/profession any more, it was in the past many years ago. I am in SCADA, Control systems, process computers and Instrumentation work for employment/contracts purpose which also uses some of IT technology due to various overlaps. Also it is because of indepth training at Honeywell college and work experience at Honeywell equipped sites/plants which use Honeywell systems in Jubail, also I was in train the trainer programme at HTAL in Jubail Saudi Arabia.

I am NOT cache receiver and I am not receiving cash on behalf of anyone else for any reason. I have setup my own fund raising box/module on my website with the intention of self help program but I have not yet received any donations, when I receive any donations I will declare to relevant agencies according to the procedures. My self help effort is different than receiving cash on behalf of someone else which I am not, will not, absolutely Not. I am not a collection agency of any sort, not in collection business. I am not in import/export business, not associated with any vehicles business in any role, absolutely not. I am not and I was not a international student neither on any assignment/training program from a foreign country, I am just a regular independent private citizen who arrived as landed family of three (including myself, a child and a spouse) in 1993 on my own initiative not because of any work requirement and now I have decide to opt out of this citizenship and move out of Canada permanently. When I arrived in 1993 I was not a retired person on foreign aid neither on any pension from another country.

Door with the curtain on Upper Floor od 671 is not common area (I heard someone say that) , curtain is on Door 2. I chose it myself to use a curtain on Door 2 for my personal reasons. I live in unit 2 for the past 52 months in August of 2021, it is not common area, it is not a resource center of any kind. Hallway is common area. All the stuff inside is my property. When I moved-in in this unit it was completely unfurnished just walls, shelves on the wall and light bulb in the ceiling, I arranged everything else by myself gradually during the past 52 months (in August of 2021). Nearly Five years in March 2022

As documented earlier in my precautionary notes I am not a worker, not a partner not associated with any neighbours or anyone else in this building of my residencey at 671 Fennell Ave. East. absolutely NOT.

I have been a rent paying monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May –  nearly Five years in couple of months. I was trapped to rent in such building, I did not ask for this address.). A phone number was seen on a listing with a low rent amount, when I called the number I was given a date and time for viewing the place and a much higher rent amount was given to me after viewing. I had no idea what the address was (I arrived by some clues which were given to me over the phone). Address was filled on the rental document by someone (Not by me) submitted to OW next day after appointment meeting with Anthony Wilson Case Manager who completed the transfer of my OW file from Niagara Region. My rent is setup as pay direct to the reveivers by deduction from my monthly OW cheque. I am paying rent amount which is more than the OW authorized amount.

On June 28 of 2021 it was disclosed to me that my CIBC bank profile shows me listed in the bank records as Unemployed with Income which makes no sense. People earn income from business or employment I have none of those sources so it is meaning less. I suggested that bank should add another category as Unemployed with Social assistance to make the profile information truthful and realistic. At present it is very deceptive and misleading to make a fool of those who do not understand the system and due to their simplicity and insufficient back ground believe such lies, form their opinion and make important decisions. I want to mention here that I am not OW staff, any money from OW would be income for OW staff. I am on social assistance delivered by OW in the province of Ontario so any money from OW is not income for me rather it is social assistance payment shown in my bank statement as pay (word payment is longer and takes more space on the statement so short word pay is used instead.) Also it makes me think further, because “Unemployed” and “With Income” are two different categories so perhaps CIBC bank is combining two different individual’s situatuin into one like given name and family name to make complete name. So according to a data entry clerck “Khalid” is unemployed but “Mahamood” has income so combine the two and it becomes >>>>> “Khalid Mahmood” == “Unemployed + Income”   who knows , perhaps, may be !!!!. My CIBC bank account is not joint, is individual account. However, magically when Khalid calls the bank, will be seen as “unemployed” and when “Mahmood” calls the bank will be seen as “has Income”. Amazing system of splitting name, perhaps.

Recently I came across a situation where Google profile of my gmail/Gpay account was looking for GHS/HST information as tax info and an ALERT was raised in my account to get my attention. I am not collecting any GST/HST and have no such tax info issued by revenue Canada, I file my taxes by my Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) . I am not operating a on line web store. I am not Google ads customer, not running ads which might be linked to GST/HST collection. Retail stores/merchants (and other businesses which are required to collect GST/HST) print their GST /HST registration number on the customer copy of the transaction/sales receipt which authorises them to collect GST/HST on behalf of the Govt. Which is transferred directly to revenue Canada (as I learned from the Govt. publications available to public). Being a consumer I pay GST/HST when I buy what I need, which is limited to essentials only at present due to no income (just OW) but not collecting GST/HST absolutely NOT because I am not a tax collector rather I am a tax payer, I never was a tax collector in the past, I never was in any Govt. Job.. I am not collecting GST/HST because I am NOT in retail business providing sales/services. But I get a small portion of GST/HST back from revenue Canada as a refund when I file my taxes like any other refund.

I have no tattoo marks on my body and have no birth marks. Also I did not grow my ponytail and long beard because my parents did not encourage me to do so since my child hood. Rather my parents encouraged me to wear suits among other things on my to do list (verbally instructed).

My name has no letter “e” or “E”, no letter “u” or “U”. my name has an “i” or “I” and two “o” or “O” correct spellings of my name is “KHALID MAHMOOD” خالدمحمود I repeat it is “KHALID MAHMOOD” don’t be misguided by phonetically same sounding names, make sure to know the correct spellings and full names (incomplete names are used by IMPOSTORS who have illegal intentions and do not want to be identified with certainity).

I am not a DJ (Disk Jockey). I am not in any sports my best physical activity is walking. I am not a user of any narcotics/cannabis for medical or non medical purpose. I am not in Cannabis, marijuana, narcotics or drugs business, not involved in any such activities. Also I am not in Brothe business not operating any Brothe not associated with any Brothe activity.

my website: was launched by myself, is owned, operated and maintained by myself. No one else is involved in documenting and sharing personal life experiences on this website.

I joined IEEE as a member during my contract employment with RI-KFUPM in 1989 from Dhahran Saudi Arabia Section when I was Research Engineer at RI-KFUPM. This year in 2021 I renewed my membership early May 2021. I have not yet received the renewed card (on May 20) in the mail yet perhaps stolen or being held by a self appointed vigilantes. I have informed IEEE about this situation. If any one is seen using my IEEE card anywhere for any reason must be reported to me and to IEEE. I would also like to share the information that my card shows length of membership as 21 years which is less than the number of years since 1989 (32 years) reason is IEEE counts only the years for which membership was renewed and paid. I suggested in 2006 that IEEE should indicate members since year “xxxx” instead, and also include original section of joining.

I am not owner of any pharmacy (such as Shoppers drug mart or Rexall etc.) I do not own, do not operate any pharmacy under any name or any similar name as “KHALID MAHMOOD”. I am not in Cannabis, not in narcotics and not in any other Drugs related business or activity. I am not owner/not affiliated/not an operator of any laundromat/dry cleaners/coin operated laundry etc. I am not involved in any role (absolutely NOT) with any convenience stores anywhere such as Best Buy or welcome Mart, wall mart etc. I am not involved in any cart/kiosk business as vendor, supplier, seller etc. operated through various malls anywhere around the world. I am not running/not involved in any ATMs, I am not running/not involved in any vending machines.

It has been observed and experienced by me (and by others as well) that information filled on a paper form/application is displayed differently in a different format on the computer screen so the clerks and desk staff look at the same information differently than the person who filled the paper work such as name of a person. Example, lens crafter computer screen would show customer name differently than the name on the prescription. OW computers, health card and driver’s licence in Ontario issued for the same person by the same application would show the same person’s name in two different visual styles/formats. Name labels on Blood work specimen in a lab is another example. This causes complications. One method to avoid such complications and confusions is to scan the hand written paper work in the computer in addition to the manual data entry by the operator/clerk to be able to see both side by side on the computer for comparison and verification purpose. Few people I came across did not even know that name on health card and driver’s licence in Ontario is printed in two different formats one of them was a Lawyer in Ottawa. Paper work at intake in Shelters I went through in St. Catharines and Hamilton was done by the first (given) name but after intake onwards up untill leaving all the listings and paper work is done by the last (family) name, which is questionable practice and these systems must be made more meaning full with the reality. Above described system makes it look like two different individuals one going in and other coming out of shelters. Banks is another example, account holders name shows in a different format on banks scree, different than the legal name. One branch of a bank even tried to reverse my business name, which is very unusual and questionable because business names are treated differently than a person’s name.

Some of the precautionary notes published by me will change (and may/will become irrelevant and untrue) as soon as my circumstances change such as I am not using computers at present because I have no computers due to lack of money, (I am not counting my phone as a computer) when I am back to my work and have my pay cheque I will buy computers and other things for my use.

I was named “KHALID MAHMOOD” خالدمحمود by my birth parents perhaps right after birth which I have never changed ever since. My name “KHALID MAHMOOD” خالدمحمود is not a title, is not a position, is not a status, is not a designation, is not a role, is not a job, it is not a code of any kind, it is just a name like any other human name. My name {“KHALID MAHMOOD”} خالدمحمود in original or in all possible combinations has been on all my educational documents, medical records, IDs, all correspondence legal, personal, family etc. regardless of any specific place on planet earth, my name does not change from place to place like time zones change. One of the many methods of referring to humans is by names, names without a human to associate with have no meaning (swindlers and illusionists might create a deception by using names without a person to associate with). I am not a substitute, I am not filling in for anyone, I am what my parents wanted me to be, I am WYSIWYG without deception.

Anything rightfully and legally mine if not given (promptly and timely without delays) to me will be considered stolen from me, was stolen from me and is stolen from me. This statement (and thoughts) applies to all possible combinations of space and time, past, present and future.

I did not receive any overpayments from OW as shown on OW monthly slip. Despite my reminders and taking the matter to the lawyers a monthly amount of CAD$38.85 is deducted from my check for the past several years. This deduction is unjust and is indirect method of reducing my monthly OW amount.

I am not related to any politicians also NOT related to any members of parliaments  (provincials or federals), NOT related to any municipal councillors as well. I am not a member of any political party, I am independent. I am not invloved with any political activity.

I have no workers in this building 2-671 Fennell Ave. East in Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada (or anywhere else in the World) working for me OR working with me, any one making such claims are false and just deception and crook methods to swindle without any information to me about it,  So nothing should be given to them and nothing should be left behind with them for me. Deal with me directly without any one of this building or anyone else anywhere else. PS: since April 2006 when I was forced by circumstances to receive OW social assistance (govt provided) due to loss of income, I have been told multiple times that I have a case worker assigned (meaning a case manager assigned to the file but not a worker like a employee assigned to me, a misleading word in my opinion). Also OW file number is not a membership into any thing so to call it a OW member ID is very misleading and gives wrong impression to people, just another make-believe scenario, a sugar coated deception. Because people choose to become a member in a club, activity or group if they like/enjoy it but social assistance is not by choice it is imposed by the circumstances. People choose to become member in a club by choice but social assistance is not by choice. OW is not a membership based organization is not a social club. So file number must not be called member ID.

My accommodation since 2017 month of May at address Apt/Unit #2 at 671 Fennell Ave. East in Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada is single occupancy, single rent, no-share accommodation. Absolutely no one else (only me) was listed on intent to rent when this placed was rented to me in 2017 May. All other accommodations in Canada where I was a tenant before Hamilton were also same type no- share accommodations, for exclusive use by me. More over I do not (Absolutely DO NOT) sublet my space on short term basis such daily or hourly basis, Absolutely NOT. I forced out illegally of my residence of over five years with out coyrt endorsed N4 document on June 28 of 2022. June 20 to July 22 I was at the York Blvd Shelter in Hamilton. I resheltered my self in Brampton due to full shelters and meals issues in Hamilton as of July 22 of 2022

I am NOT OW staff/employee, NOT receiving OW Salary Pay (my assistance cheque deposit is shown as Pay in my bank but it is not Salary Pay) it is some kind of deception to sugar coat the social assistance payment as Pay. I am not City of Hamilton Staff either, OW social assistance is delivered through City of Hamilton and I receive no Pay from from Hamilton just the OW social assistance deposit.

I have e-filed my 2020 taxes to Revenue Canada on 02/24/2021 based on T5007 received earlier this month in February 2021 – assessment completed in March (03/08/2021). Also I updated my profile over the phone with Revenue Canada to keep the “care of” data field blank because many years ago I chose to show my own name in “care of” which was found to be confusing. It was meant to show that I was in my own care. Now “care of” is blank because “care of” field is  not mandatory. Also Imrana (divorced female spouse) chose to file tax returns separately since the beginning (in USA and in Canada), she has been filing separately under her own ID numbers, S.I.N and Social Security numbers, absolutely no information shared with me about her returns. I file my returns with my own IDs separately. I do not use some one else’s IDs. Absolutely NOT. Since I am registered as a Soleproprietor business my Social Insurance Number is my merchant ID as well which I use to file my taxes with revenue Canada and due to zero $ Income from business my personal and business taxes is the same based on T5007. I am not collecting GST/HST and have no number issued by revenue Canada for this purpose. I am not operating a on line web store. I am not Google ads customer, not running ads which might be linked to GST/HST collection. I am not a tax collector rather I am a tax payer.

I did not apply for any CERB/COVID benefits due to self screening/self evaluation. Since my income was zero $ before and remained unchanged after COVID season of 2020, no impact on me, except enhanced level of hardship to find affordable grocery prices. So my tax return to revenue Canada will not be impacted for the tax year 2020, it will still be based on just the T5007 like previous years such as 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 ……, …… etc. I have opted not to use Revenue Canada GCkey (user name / password) method to login rather I have adopted partner login & MFA method to login on cra web site.

My tax records are upto date with Revenue Canada as of today February 22 of 2021. First time taxes were filed by me in Canada in 1994 for the tax year 1993. Prior to 2006 taxes were filed by accountants (such as Perfect Tax, BDO, KPMG, H&R block , Collins Barrow and others) for the years when I had earnings and residence in Canada,  year 2006 onward taxes were filed by myself based on T5007 statement of OW social benefits provided by Revenue Canada due to zero $ income (only exceptions would be when I was employed). No pending taxes as of today February 22 of 2021.

Reminder to All – Personal life experiences and/or other misc information documented here on this website is for information only available openly to all those who find it useful/of interest. This is not to be used for any other purpose absolutely not. If anyone finds anything objectionable and wants changed etc. should write it in as a comment or contact me by writing an email informing me of their objection and I will try to accommodate their recommendations as best as possible. This website is NOT meant to distribute any material/documents for others use, that will be illegal. Those who ignore the importance of legality must be prepared to face the consequences of it. This reminder is applicable in all situations and all places on planet earth.

I am not using any cheque cashing methods / services in Canada or any where in the world because I get my OW monthly cheque as direct deposit into my CIBC bank account. My cheques are specific to me and any cheques issued in my name ******* “KHALID MAHMOOD” must show my bank account number regardless of origin where issued.

I have documented earlier that I have no desktop/Lap top or any workstation computer. Since I have no such devices I have no software products/programmes which operate on these devices, and I have no reason to buy such computer programmes.  I did not buy any virus , malware protection programmes from any company.

It was in 2018 that a woman (who rented in the building for a short period of time and usually sounded very angry and upset perhaps used unit 4 and used to kick doors)  in the hallway approached me near my door #2 as I was about to go outside and asked (more than once) me where I came from. I replied to her “I came from Canada” (because I moved from Niagara Falls of Niagara Region in 2017). I am not sure why I was asked such a question. I wonder if others have a similar question in their mind. Since I am a Citizen I have govt. issued IDs and my immigration records would have all the necessary details about my past and where I came from. I am not indigenous person, I am landed immigrant. I am not agent of any sort, I am not on training, I am not on any foreign assignment in Canada I am just a Citizen arrived as landed family in 1993. I am just unemployed Engineer in Soleproprietor business with zero income on OW assistance.

I never applied for American Citizenship. My other US IDs such as Social Security Card and Pennsylvania Driver’s Licence were taken away from me at the time of my arrest in 2005 in Bucks County Pennsylvania USA. California driver’s licence issued to me in 1995 was misplaced and not in my possession.I have no desire to become American Citizen anymore, I might have considered 30 years ago when I came from Saudi Arabia to attend Honeywell College in Phoenix on a business trip (not a student visa) in 1991.

Based on my recent and past experiences over the past 15 years since 2005 with the law enforcement in non-criminal matters in USA and Canada, I would like to remind and request the relevant authorities in both countries that:

1) any documents issued in Canada by the department of police or any other authorities must be in my complete name “KHALID MAHMOOD” must also include my Canadian ID numbers, gender “MALE” and date of birth as well in addition to current ID address. Also a picture must be affixed on the papers as they have on release documents or from Ontario licence records.

2) any documents issued in USA by the department of police or any other US authorities must be in my complete name “KHALID MAHMOOD”must also include my USA and Canadian ID numbers, gender “MALE” and date of birth as well in addition to current ID address, because I am Canadian Citizen resident in Canada as imposed by the USA authorities.

Also a picture from A- File or DMV (penndot) record must be affixed on the papers as they have on deportation records.This is necessary to avoid any ambiguity and confusion if others with the same name were around here in this area in Canada or in USA.

I (i.e. as husband) did not file for separation or divorce in 2005 in Bucks County Pennsylvania rather it happened in my absence (and long term separation since 2005) from home after my non-criminal arrest and imprisonment at YORK county prison in July 2005. Details documented earlier and also available in court records in Family Court (aka Domestic Relations) of Bucks County Pennsylvania.

I did not authorise any one to use my legal / personal records (electronic or documents) such as ROE, tax records, landing paper, cheque book, bank records, bank pass books, expired passports  in any form or shape including my web login credentials and electronic profiles etc. for any purpose, absolutely NOT. 

At the time of posting on 01/28/2021 at 09h55 AM in Hamilton;

I have no chauffeur driven vehicles so no one is driving me around and I have no vehicles in my possession to drive myself. I walk or use public transit to get around and to do my errands by myself and pay for my bus fare myself mostly by presto fare card and occasionally by cash. Since I am not involved in driving for a long period of time I have absolutely no traffic violation I never had any violations at all since I first started driving in Canada or even before coming to Canada I never had traffic violations in any country. My Canadian driving records are available under my licence number M01684340561220.

I did not travel internationally outside of Canada or USA since 2001 except in 2011 when I travelled to USA after completing necessary waivers lengthy paper work and to Eindhoven to attend a ceremony held at TU/e in September 2011.

I have no known assets, no known investments, no known bank accounts, no known financial instruments not named here, no financial liabilities/debt anywhere in the world outside Canada. My bankruptcy filed in 2007 in Ottawa Ontario Canada covered all my debts in Canada which was discharged in timely manner and was reported by credit bureaus for 7 years from the time it was filed.

I am not in possession of any laptop/desktop or any other computer since June 2012, I am not using any computer, I did not authorise any one to use any computers on my behalf, I don’t own any computer in any other form of ownership.

I did not travel internationally outside of Canada or USA since 2001 except in 2011 when I travelled to USA after completing necessary waivers lengthy paper work and to Eindhoven to attend a ceremony held at TU/e in September 2011.

I am not associated with any of the activities or operations around me in Hamilton Canada or anywhere else, absolutely not. I did not appoint/did not authorise did not consent any one to represent me (neither to act like me) anywhere for anything for any legal, any commercial or personal matters Absolutely NOT.

Published by myself:



Resheltered at 15 Wilkinson Rd., Brampton ON L6T4X1 (after Shelters were full in Hamilton and other meals related issue

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