Continuation of my previous precautionary notes – Updated on August 09 of 2022




All my precautionary notes are applicable independent of any specific location, Country or address, also independent of Given/First name, Family/Last name or complete name or any other combination of my name “KHALID MAHMOOD” خالدمحمود

I am not in the business or in any related activity of collecting or selling empty beer bottles, beer cans etc.

This is based on my observations and personal experiences and what I hear from others also facial expressions of some of the people reveal a lot at times. Also with a big If, That people feel scared when they have done something legally, morally wrong or because of their own deficiencies, limitations, wrong doings etc. and consequences of which make them scared. If people say that they were scared of me for example, it simply means that they have done some thing extremely wrong which they can not fix and it is not because of any threats or actions or efforts (revenge) to scare them. It is just their inner guilt that makes them feel scared. My presence around them might remind them of some thing from the past or expose their wrong doings. Which is quite normal all the criminals and law breakers get scared when they are reminded of consequences or when they come across law enforcement. So just because of the fact that some people get scared of certain things, law enforcement or consequences can not be terminated. One should be mature enough to face the consequences of their own wrong doings instead of blaming others for scaring which is totally wrong inaccurate reporting.

When I was a child (age category child) I was very scared of my parents, they did not scare me but I was scared of them because of what if did not meet their expectations or what if I was comparatively less than the other children in the family such as cousins etc. But I did not blame them to scare me. As a student I was scared of teachers, what if I did not understand the material as the teachers wanted me to understand, lack of perfection, but I did not blame teachers or schools. I just worked harder and harder to meet every body’s expectations and goals. In difficult situations they were my only protection and source of strength despite all this

I have the information that people were using my name (not just a name, but a name which actually refers to me linked to me by my IDs because I always update my IDs) to operate their business etc. or just to disguise under my name without my consent, without my knowledge without my involvement, not sure for how long and for what purpose, is a serious matter and illegal act by those who committed it. So it is possible that when they see me around they get scared because of their own wrong doing. Obviously, they know me but I don’t know them, that could be a reason why people might get scared of me. I have not initiated any thing to scare them.

Humans can be scared (or afraid) of animals such as dogs, no matter how well trained, dogs can turn around and can attack, can cause serious harm, can cause illness etc. So it is normal to be scared/afraid of certain animals, because not every body is trained to handle animals also it is a cultural thing as well to like or not to like animals.

This a reminder to my previous declarations that I have no blood relatives or legal family members such as brothers, parents, sisters etc. any where in Canada because they were not part (not included in) of my independent ND2 immigration application. My female spouse divorced me more than 15 years ago outside Canada which resulted in separation from not only from her but also from my three children without regular contacts etc. since than. So if any one propagates or claims otherwise must not be trusted, must be a hoax and negative propaganda machinery (compulsive liars) using political tactics on a ordinary citizens (typical character assassination or defamation techniques used in Politics against capable opponents by saying meaning less stuff, and false accusations when alanyzed).

Published by the undersigned:


خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا



Resheltered at 15 Wilkinson Rd., Brampton Ontario L6T4X1 (after Shelters were full in Hamilton and other meals related issues).

A suggestion to the technical and Engineering Colleges/Universities to include some courses in their programme to prepare graduate students to learn to survive the shock and stress of govt. provided social assistance due to unemployment and unknown reasons, which I was never/not taught.

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