ATTENTION CANADA POST : My whereabouts as of September 03 of 2021 until further updates – I haven’t gone anywhere I am still at the same location i.e. my ID address (my ID was originally issued to me in April 1994 linked to my Landing Papers and biometrics).

ATTENTION CANADA POST: My physical address was verified by epost in May 2017, and I still live at the same address.



(I have updated my provoncial IDs on 08/19/2021 with the same address again without any physical change, i.e. the address of my residence for the past 52 months). I visited thevService Ontario on August 30 of 2021 to verify it and obtain a pribted receipt as well for this verification. My Canada Post records, OW File, Credit Reports, Revenue Canada, Bank Accounts, Phone Records, Medical Records, Police Records, all have same present ID address, also linked to (4 different types of) my biometrics as well. which may be a challenge for the IMPOSTORS and illegals to claim even with serious bribes, crimes, illusions, games of make believe, muscle power, connections and links etc. etc. I wonder why such people can’t make efforts to obtain their own, honestly? has the legal system or society’s norms changed ? When I was growing up in my country of birth my parents did not send me to another country to live without ID or using someone else’s ID, I waited in my country of birth untill the age of 24 to complete my Engineering Education to be able to live in another country legally with my own IDs not on somebody else’s IDs. I did the same for my children and gave them their own IDs so that they did not need someone else’s IDs and live without fear and without “cat and mouse game”. Those who use someone else’s IDs are comparable to leeches who suck others blood and grow bigger and bigger. (in my mind ID is a very broad term, not just a card, someone’s name, family, assetts, some one’s work, culture and past all make up a unique ID).

Despite any move-ins or move-outs around me over this weekend and during week days Monday and Tuesday my location has not changed, I am still at the same location i.e. My ID address for the past 52 months in this building. Seems to be a very long move-out, some one started past Saturday or perhaps before that and still goes on, Dxxxx was seen moving the stuff out of the unit 3 and putting in the hallway Exxx and Axxxx were also present watching the activity. Other days they were seen helping the move out to the vehicle parked outside the building on the front side.

If academically low/no formal education, non-technical people can misguide highly technical organizations just by using someone else’s (technical) ID (perhaps as a permit or business associate) to play a game of make believe and to make a fool, than what is the use and/or credibilty of such organizations. Something to think about. And if such ID gimmicks were acceptable than what is the use of ID laws. ??

If a record of someone’s profile in a database not linked to persons’s biometrics than there is high possibility that unauthorized (or illegals) people linked/connected to people in high positions can claim (or misuse) such IDs/Records electronically from the system. Something to think about to counter such people. This idea is not new has been in use for a long time, I learned this when I was growing up in Karachi and Electronic Format of record keeping was not used. Any and every application submitted to any office (private/govt.) was required to have a picture on it, completed in own handwriting etc. Each application/paper work created a file a.k.a profile. Now in the modern times, same thing should be implemented electronically, in addition to photo and handwriting, a audio sample file should be added to the profile record, in addition to handwriting, picture and finger prints. So when a clerk/record keeper displays a profile on computer screen, would immediately know exactly who the record belongs to without ambiguity. This will be useful in preventing others from using it and only the original person can use it.

Profile records inside computer memory create a virtual being and one of the reliable methods (i.e. without ambiguity) is to link (or map) this virtual being or profile records (which lives inside computer memory) with biometrics of a corresponding human being which lives outside the computer memory on the planet earth.

Electronically kept profiles are like file folders consisting of paper work. In my past file folders were kept secured in big metal “safe/vaults” and could not be accessed remotely. Even for local access person’s physical presence was required to access the records. Because of the electronic record keeping of profiles any one can access profiles/IDs/documents remotely from anywhere around the globe (login security is insufficient to prevent misuse of profile/IDs records because the person trusted with enahced secured login credentials may be birbed or influenced by people in high positions to steal the profiles/IDs after secure login, enhanced secured login can discourage or delay unauthorised break-ins). Biometrics included on each ptofile/ID/document will be a step further and better security to prevent misuse/stealing of profiles/IDs/document.

Published by the undersigned:


2-671 Fennell Ave. East (Door 2 with curtain on Upper Floor), Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May –  4 years plus i.e. 52 months – in August 2021 – I was trapped to rent in such building, I did not ask for this address.)

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