OW SOI no income (zero $) statement for the current period – July 16 to August 15 of 2021



TO WHOM IT MAY INTEREST – dated August 16 of 2021

Since OW IVR is not accepting Income and Earnings report over the phone (and offices were closed) I am submitting (zero) $0.00 Income report over here on my web site. I have opted not to use on line services of OW (not mandatory because of IVR ). OW IVR played a recoreded message on August 16 of 2021 at 08h35 quote”You can not report your income and earnings at this time” unquote. I wonder why is that so, perhaps broken system or blocked option 3 of IVR.

Published by my self:




2-671 Fennell Ave. East (Door #2 with curtain on the Upper Floor) Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada.

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May – 4 years plus i.e. 52 months in August 2021 – I was trapped to rent in such building, I did not ask for this address.)

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