ATTN: Customer Experience Office of Service Ontario – A caller claiming to be from a ministry at 416-326-1234 and would not give her name – strange conversation on April 27 of 2021 at 14h15 – This licence # 260758453 has been cancelled and can not be used. In the past many years ago around 2005 my previous MBL was stolen in Fairless Hills PA USA from my bags before my non-criminal arrest in July 2005. Anyone using my MBL for financial and other gains is illegal and a serious matter. Refrain from it.


few days ago I amended my Sole proprietor business name registration and wrote an email to Customer Experience Office (CEO) of service ontario requesting for a record of my amended MBL by email. In response I received a call on April 27 at 14h15 by my incomplete name with difficulty caller told me my complete name. She was claiming that there was no email address space on the business registration to update. which is absolutely incorrect. She was trying to tell me that email that I wrote to Service Ontario contained false information but would not tell me what information was false. In fact she was giving me wrong information and arguing about it. Before ending the call I asked her name but she did not tell her name. Very strange behaviour, she must take some customer service lessons before calling businesses directly. This was a very bad customer experience and very arrogant behaviour by a govt. official. One of the screenshots below shows the space where email address is filled in as a method of contact. Business name registration is not free of cost I paid a required fee for it.

Although Business Registration has been cancelled, I can operate as Soleproprietor business without registration because my S.I.N number is my merchant ID and I file my taxes to revenue Canada with my S.I.N. number – CHEERS !!

Published by myself:

KHALID MAHMOOD ( خالدمحمود


2-671 Fennell Ave  East (Door #2 on the Upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

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