ATTN: (and TECHNICAL STAFF PLEASE CALL ME AT +1(289)990-6590 IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY UNDERSTANDING THE UPGRADE (I have upgraded a recently renewed subscription and nothing is due, I do not want to add my debit card at this time to avoid accidental charges, it is not needed at this time, due to bad internet connectivity my emails were held up in outbox so I am writing this message on my website. Please call me on my phone for any further clarifications. thanks – Updated April 12 of 2021

for more details and screenshots follow the link –

problem has not been resolved yet as of April 10 as described on the above link. Please expedite and provide a fix for it.

as of April 11 of 2021 at 13h31 no response from WordPress or Automattic to explain what the issue is at the time of connecting with the account. Please look into this matter on priority basis.

Received a message from Mashi (Automattic) dated Apr 12, 2021, 2:39 UTC sent to my domain email address. I have already contacted WordPress describing the issue (with screenshots) with email linked to my wordpress account which is different than my domain email. So please check your emails. Is it not possible for you to determine my email linked to my account if I write an email with my domain email address. ? I have already done that I was just thinking about it.

Kris and Wendie please check your Email I responded to your messages this morning with attachment.

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KHALID MAHMOOD ( خالدمحمود



2-671 Fennell Ave. East (Door #2 on the Upper Floor), Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

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