Information about my whereabouts in March 2021 and OW monthly envelope for the month of March 2021 received on Feb 26 – published 02/26/2021 Updated March 05 of 2021

Despite any changes in the building on March 04 any move-ins or move-outs I am still at the same location in the same building i.e. my ID address. Further details as follows:


monthly Rent amount has been deducted from my OW monthly cheque for the month of March 2021 for direct payment to my rent receiver for the Apt./unit #2 at the following address.  March 2021 is the 47th month in this building after I moved to Hamilton from Niagara Region in 2017 May. So I am still at my ID address, I have not gone anywhere  I have not moved, I am not out of province travelling etc. etc. ……… , ……. (Unusual activity was seen in the building on Upper Floor 671 before and after noon time. Police Officers interviewing people in the hallway , Dianna was heard around, Oliver was seen in Unit #3 with Doug, yelling and shouting, maroon color car was seen at 669 and than at 665 , two police vehicles parked at 667 etc. a busy and full of activity day on March 01 of 2021 around mid day. During all this I went out for a walk, spoke to Cathy of Halam Coop Housing on the way back since she has access to my exclusive, non-shared and non-transferable application (#2017060042) which I submitted in June 2017 to “Access to Housing of Hamilton”), This application also reffered to my previous application which I submitted to Niagara Regional Housing around 2013/14 during the period when I lived in Niagara Region before relocating to Hamilton in 2017. I am not part of any work group or game plan in this building, there may be other people using (my name by showing me around) a name as my name. Once I was challenged what will I do if others are (or were) using my name in the building when I asked this question from my rent receiver if any one else was using my name in this building.

I have a feeling that people have been giving or using human names to certain people like labels on merchandise (to disguise, to fool or just to hide or may be to committ crimes as well). Same merchandise can be seen in shops under different labels/rappers. They show same person under different names (or labels). Members of a particular work group or association or team might succeed by using such techniques if discussed and agreed among all members for mutual benefit or just to show their skills and powers. I am not Nadeem or not Arabic speaking Amer or not anyone else who lived in this building in the past and not visible/not seen now. I always live at my ID address (where possible) and use my legal name always, I don’t have different names for inside and outside use. Use of Biometrics and use of RFID microchips implants/injected in arms may be some of the methods to suppress such frauds.

Published by myself:


2-671 Fennell Ave. East,

Door #2 on the upper Floor

Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

(postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V1V3, it is NOT 3J3).

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May 2017- nearly 4 years i.e. 47 months in March 2021 – I was trapped to rent in such building.)

One thought on “Information about my whereabouts in March 2021 and OW monthly envelope for the month of March 2021 received on Feb 26 – published 02/26/2021 Updated March 05 of 2021

  1. Comment on my own information dated March 04 of 2021 at 21h00 PM.
    Dianna Milojevic few minutes ago was seen coming out of the 671 kitchen on the Upper Floor and was heard talking to someone in a language other than English. I looked at her to figure out if she said something to me. She said to me you have to move out, quote”you can not live in this place for this money “unquote. I said I will talk to my case manager, I am not sure what she means by that.


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