ALERT ******* This is Further to my precautionary notes published previously – updated on May 20 of 2022 Day #140 of 2022




All my precautionary notes are applicable independent of any specific location, Country or address.

I have no tattoos on my body and have no birth marks.

At the time of posting on 01/28/2021 at 09h55 AM in Hamilton, I have no chauffeur driven vehicles so no one is driving me around and I have no vehicles in my possession to drive myself. I walk or use public transit to get around and to do my errands by myself and pay for my bus fare myself mostly by presto fare card and occasionally by cash. I am not owner/not operating a transportation company or fleet, I am not HSR bus operator/driver, I am not involved with any transportation company.

I have no known assets, no known investments, except for RESPs which belong to my three children Ahsan, sana and Bilal but not under parents ownership originally started contributions with CST Foundation plans in 1994 which has changed its brand name to CST savings, no known bank accounts (except my current chequing accounts with Simplii and CIBC), no known financial instruments not named here, no financial liabilities/debt anywhere in the world outside or in Canada. My bankruptcy which was filed in 2007 by KPMG in Ottawa (District court) Ontario Canada covered all my debts (debt which was of an insignificant amount for a fully employed Engineer but was not for me because of zero income) in Canada which was discharged in timely manner and was reported by credit bureaus for 7 years from the time it was filed.

I am not in possession of any laptop/desktop or any other computer since June 2012, I am not using any computer, I did not authorise any one to use any computers on my behalf, I don’t own any computer in any other form of ownership.

Today on January 22 of 2021 (around 12h50 Pm) when I came back to 671 Fennell Ave. East building where I live for the past 45 months after a quick grocery trip to neighbour hood Freshco, glass door was not unlocking with my key, so I used the back alley metal door of 671 to go upstairs to the upper floor to return to my Apt Door #2. I wonder if this is just a mechanical malfunction or some one has changed the 671 Glass door entrance lock on the front side without coordinating with the residents of this building upstairs, I am a rent paying monthly residential tenant in this building (almost 4 years) PS – (street level doors front side glass door and back alley metal doors of address 671 are not door #1 or door #2, door numbers 1 to 12 are affixed by the screws on the wooden doors upstairs for each apt./unit. All of the Door numbers are not visible from outside).

my first enhanced level security clearance was done by ASG Inc. of Ottawa in 1996 which was issued to me by Brenda Batten an officer of ASG. It was stolen by some one from my hand carry in Fairless Hills Pennsylvania during crisis time before my non- criminal arrest in July 2005.It was submitted to PWGSC for renewal in Ottawa in 2006 through TES (contact person – Nicole) located in Kanata.

I have documented in several places on my website that I am not a maintenance person for this building 671 Fennell Ave. East and I am putting on lights (LED lights bought from Dollar Tree for $1.25) on my door 2 to prevent darkness in the hallways and light in my window facing the road side just as a hobby not as a duty, because I am not getting paid for material, time, expertise, sourcing of material etc. I am doing this work without proper tools and with out a workshop/lab.(in 2017 I bought two LED lights from Canadian Tire which were on low price. the orange color light on door 2 and a laptop usb light)when I started my tenancy in this building in 2017 May, door 2 light and window light did not exist. I started these on my own initiative to make a statement and to personalise that I live here and take care of it on my own with my own resources.I am not OW staff/ not govt. employee

I am not a religious authority/scholar , I am not a Imam امام (or eMom امام). I am not a religious leader, I am a technical person (Engineer in Business as Sole proprietor).I am not in law enforcement of any kind , absolutely not associated with any law enforcement department or organisation except that I was arrested and imprisoned (non-criminal) by law enforcement three times for a total of 401 days and nights (twice in USA and once in Hamilton Ontario. I am not ex- armed forces officer/staff, I am just a civilian as described above. I am not in Entertainment/Escorts business/industry, I am not in show biz, I am not a musician, I am not a professional Singer not a DJ. I am not a Librarian not operating a Library.

A recent phone conversation with a staff of MP’s office on 12/15/2020 prompted me to declare that I am not a indigenous person, rather I am a immigrant Citizen arrived as landed family in 1993 in ND2 independent category of in-demand professionals, and my mother language is URDU, English is my first language which I use 99.99% of the time.

Around 12h15 on Dec 10 when I was walking towards upper Ottawa , two women near Tim Horton’s said something to me not to cook the dinner and to not have anything in the pot. I assumed, and this prompted me to remind everyone that I am not using 671 kitchen on the upper floor and the appliances, all other people who are not associated with me use the 671 kitchen perhaps under the disguise of my name without my knowledge (I was challenged by Dianna in 2017 that if other people were using my name what would I do ???). I just use kitchen to rinse a cup or a lid or to fill my bottle, other than that I am not using it to avoid unnecessary complications with Oliver and Dianna’ s group. they all work together, I am on my own.This is a repeat of what I have already published.

Despite recent renovations done in the 671 kitchen on the upper floor during the period of mid August 2021 to December 2021 after Doug moved out of unit 3, such as fixtures changed, cabinets mounted on the upper portions of the walls removed, fridge sides painted etc. I am not using this kitchen because the kitchen area looks like a trash dump with three outdoors use large size trash drums, several blue and black recycle bins etc. This trash stuff should be in the back alley behind the building, but not in the kitchen on the upper floor.

moreover, I do not sit in the 671 kitchen on the upper floor in this building, Other people sit in the kitchen, perhaps under the disguise of a similar name as mine to make a fool of people who enter the building through back side metal door or front side glass door.

If workers (and others) of this building at 671 Fennell Ave. East (12 units on the upper floor) say something about “KHALID MAHMOOD” which is different information than what I am sharing and have been sharing for many years on my website and social open media, it simply means that they are talking about themselves or another person (i.e. a person they want to designate to pretend as myself) but not about me because I am not in their group and I do not work with them and I do not expect them to talk about me. Since I am independent tenant monthly rent paying tenant I want to deal with people myself without any intermediary. People who know me should not talk to them about me. If they say “KHALID MAHMOOD” does not live in the building or if they say that “KHALID MAHMOOD” moved simply means that they are talking about themselves or someone else from their group acting or pretending as “KHALID MAHMOOD” but not about me. If I am outside the building for a walk or errands etc. and if they say he is sleeping means they are talking about themselves or another person of their group but not about me. PERHAPS some one is operating or living under the disguise of my name “KHALID MAHMOOD” without my consent , without my information and without my permission to misguide. This is a legal matter and they will have to face the consequences of it.For this reason I strongly believe that there should be only one person by a particular name in a building or a house (except families) to avoid confusion and ambiguity during emergency, police work etc. which is not difficult to enforce.

As per my rental document (also known as Intent to rent for OW social assistance recipients, was partially completed by the the undersigned (tenant) and partially completed by the renter/rent receiver), my rent is inclusive of all utilities and use of bathroom, kitchen water etc. for my apt #2 but food , transportation , clothing and other necessities are not included that’s why I buy my own food and other necessities. Also my intent to rent is for only one unit i.e. unit #2 (I have curtainised the door in 2021), I do not use adjacent unit #3 or any other unit in this building nor any of the shops downstairs.

Word restrictions is very ambiguous if and when used without context. In one’s adult life restrictions may mean punishment for some wrong doings as determined by the law of the land combined with other factors.It could mean religious restrictions, different in every religion and different in other parts of the world for the same religion due to interpretation and cultural and family influences and traditions etc.Rules which parents or elders make for children (age wise in legal sense) is basically for disciplining / up- bringing and for their own good to keep safe or due to the inability of children to do something / certain activities at a particular time in life before legal age and due to their inability to understand certain complexities.Those rules and limitations (some might use the word restrictions) of childhood become null and void automatically as the time passes or certain milestones and goals are achieved which were set by the parents.Moreover, during child hood there are other people around such as grand parents, uncles and aunts , cousins, elder brothers and sisters who can overrule parents punishments, restrictions or limitation by taking children out of the difficult situation. If relatives are not nearby then neighbouring families (neighbours with children) also get involved in such situations for peer to peer conversation/consolation. This is all part of the growing up, these punishments or disciplinary lessons are not for life time and end soon.Adults can choose as their own choice to live (or adopt) with certain restrictions and rules they learned from their parents and alter to suit current situations, needs / requirements of life.This is as per my experiences of life.This behaviour is not the same as restrictions imposed by society or the legal system on adults due to criminal negligence / violations etc. Even such restrictions have expiry or time limit on them and are imposed after due process.

information shared and documented on my following website by myself. Alternate website::hi2biz.wordpress.comThese two URLs of my websites and domain is for my exclusive use, and is maintained and owned by myself registered by myself, no one else not even my legal family members were involved in this , absolutely NOT.

I want Microsoft and all other vendors of cloud based storage/ software services providers to comply with and enforce GDPR guide lines (in my situation I am not concerned about confidentiality or privacy, rather I am concerned about misuse, abuse of information and wrong interpretation of contents and documents without context stored in cloud environments (i.e. misuse and abuse by unauthorized individuals and organizations for financial and other material gains, which could be considered violation of intellectual property rights/laws as well).

Following 4 page document was written by myself in my own handwriting for myself:

Click touch tap or copy the following link in browser.

TO the attention of all social media and RELEVANT GROUPS:

AND/OR TO WHOM IT MAY INTEREST: am not running Ads about social issues, Elections or Politics (I am not a politician and I am not a social worker, NOT a health care provider, I am an Engineer in Business , my S.I.N # is my merchant ID which I use to file my taxes but I am NOT in pizza business , NOT in any food business) I am in Technology business.I am not operating convenience stores. I have no vehicles so I am not in driving seat at present, I use public transit to commute from point “A” to point “B” for my errands and other needs or I walk. I am Not in Taxi business either. I am not in fast food business, I am not in laundromat business, I am NOT operating auto repair workshops, I am not in groceries business. I am not the owner of Nails places or hair salons etc. I am not building maintenance. I am not a Disk Jockey (DJ), I am not in sports, I do not play any ball games at all, I just play music on my phone. I am not a user of any narcotics/cannabis for medical or non medical purpose. So I don’t really need this step of Identity confirmation required by your system.Just to explore how it works I submitted electronically by (on my android mobile phone) scanning my Canadian Citizenship and Ontario Driver’s Licence at this step.It was found that your system failed to recognize Canadian IDs at this step, perhaps system is designed to recognize only US IDs. Since automated system has failed (In progress shown for a long time) therefore a manual input into the system should complete this step OR abolish it at all because I do not need it at this time may be in future.Very disappointing if so. PLEASE DISABLE THIS PART OF THE PROFILE concerning ID verification,I AM NOT INTERESTED IN IT, I AM A CANADIAN CITIZEN AND LIVE IN CANADA AT PRESENT (at the time of postings). I am not involved in any Best Buy or any other retail stores as owner or operator or in any other capacity, absolutely NOT.

This is based on my observations for the past 47 months of living in this building 671 Fennell Ave. East in Hamilton as monthly rent paying tenant (not nightly tenant) and what I heard from people around me. Many people came around and left during this time without any interaction or contact with me. I live here in a certain way (self isolation) to avoid confrontation with others unnecessarily who I am not involved with and are not long term here any way.People might think I live like this due to restrictions, but I have no restrictions at all because I am non-criminal Citizen, I just have self imposed discipline (self isolation) as taught by my parents to stay out of trouble and to cause no trouble for others and I am looking forward and eager to go back to my previous contract work in Jubail, I have no interest in prolonging my tenancy in this building, not of my liking, I was trapped to rent in this building for others interest. When I tried to look for another place in Burlington / Hamilton area by the end of 2017 I was discouraged (prevented from moving) to do so , I have a feeling by manipulating the available places at that time (misuse of power and authority and interference in people’s lives).I have no restrictions, others around me might have legal restrictions which they might be projecting as mine by swapping name with me without my consent/involvement in it (or disguising under my name), that’s why I have started using my name tags on my clothes again, so the people should know without any ambiguity that I am “KHALID MAHMOODخالد محمود” and I am not a Govt. Employee/not a Govt. Staff , I am not a Civil Servant, not involved with any Govt. at all, I survive on OW social assistance (because I was prevented from work/employment) which is shown on my bank statement as some kind of pay from Hamilton, but it is not because pay cheques go through a different kind of payroll/deductions system and social assistance cheques have different kind of deductions system. I am not a COVID worker , absolutely not affiliated with it in any possible way. Since 2006 (almost half of 2005 I was in York County prison PA without any help) I have been living in Canada as unmarried, separated/divorced from my spouse Imrana (former wife), without any help from her.

Me (male “KHALID”) and wife female “Khalid” have been living separated/divorced since 2005 without much interaction/contact, which occured in USA Pennsylvania (Bucks County) as a result of my non- criminal arrest in July 2005, we never lived as family after that. I live in Canada. Due to this I am not responsible for her or children’s actions/activities in my absence. She has been using my given name since after the marriage in 1989, but due to the separation/divorce by now she should proudly use her maiden name or other husband’s name instead of using my name for any reason. If she is still using my name as a disguise or to hide from authorities (which I am not aware of), I have objection and relevant authorities in USA and Canada must stop her from doing so, for my protection.If Imrana is seen around here near me without proper visitation orders from Bucks County family Court in USA will be stalking.

Reminder that I am not involved with anyone in this building (671 Fennell) in any working and/or non-working position with people that run this place (not mentioning the names), I am not boss of anyone in this building, I am not partner with anyone in this building, I am not a COVID worker, I am not affiliated with any COVID operation, I am not sponsor of anyone (no one at all except my legal family which arrived as landed with me). I am rent paying monthly tenant in this building for the past 52 months correct at the time of publishing (my only place of residence) and also is my ID address. I do not use any other names, I just use my legal name as on my IDs.No one should believe any other information (lies) if any doubts must be confirmed with me in person instead of listening to liars. Such people sugar coat their lies and wrong doings with fancy words so be wise and careful not become a victim of such people.

Recently I have received few robo calls about my Social Insurance Number. If any one is using or has used my social Insurance number xxx-xxx-766 should refrain from it. Some of My Canadian IDs were misplaced/stolen/taken from my possession in USA due to my non-criminal arrest in July 2005, which were replaced by Canadian Authorities in 2006 in Canada. This was reported to area police in USA where it happened by phone from Ottawa Ontario Canada. So if anyone out there used my IDs as opportunity, made a big mistake and should seek legal help about it because I am the original receiver of these IDs in 1994 after I arrived in Canada as Landed family in December 1993 at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. My IDs have been checked several times since than by various authorities and prison staff.

Primary reason for me participating in Ontario Works welfare (charity) as a recipient/participant for my survival was (and still is) due to lack of money or employment which happened due to my non-criminal deportation from USA. This (OW social assistance) was recommended to me by a law office in Ottawa in 2006 and by the Canadian Consulate (NY) in 2013 to apply for social assistance through Ontario Works to support myself temporarily. It was not mandatory for me to participate in this program, it just happened due to my lack of money and unemployment which was due to my non-criminal deportation from USA. I was employed in USA and was not on any charity program.(OW Ontario Works is not same as Public Works, not even comparable).

In some of the buildings where I rented in the past it was offered to me to change my unit within the same building which I declined because I consider it better (if required) to rent another place instead of changing unit in the same building because I am not hiding from anyone. I have seen people change unit within the same building, At times I have seen them synchronize their movements with my “in” or “out” of the building. When I am in the building they are in a unit which they change and goto another unit when I step out.It is their choice not mine.

Unit 2 and Unit 3 door in the building 671 are in very close proximity so close that a person standing at one of these doors would appear to be standing at the other. So from a distance don’t be fooled by this deception that people might create in my regular absence by sitting or standing close to the doors to claim to be coming out of the my unit or waiting for me etc. I have no involvement with any one around my unit in my absence, I am by myself a rent paying tenant as per details provided else where.

Recently it occured to me that I should clarify the following fact as well in addition to my previous precautionary notes that:

I am not associated with any of the activities or operations around me in Hamilton Canada or anywhere else, absolutely not.I am not associated with any of the activities or operations around me in Hamilton Canada or anywhere else, absolutely not. I did not appoint/did not authorise did not consent any one to represent me (neither to act like me) anywhere for anything for any legal, any commercial or personal matters Absolutely NOT.

Please absolutely Do Not do any business or any transaction of any kind under my partial name without confirming it with me in person. Partial names can mean a different person by the complete name. No assumptions policy is the best policy to defeat the crime and impostors and deception.

I am not legally related (no blood family relations) to any one in Hamilton Canada as I declared before from Niagara Region as well, although all humans are related to each other spiritually, like cousins or some kind of brotherhood / sisterhood etc. But spiritual (or appointed) relationships must be known by all those who are perceived to be related by word of mouth. Otherwise one sided claims of a spiritual relationship is certainly illegal and a serious mistake which may lead to a disaster.

There may be other people by the same name as me “KHALID MAHMOOD”, however there are factors that make me different than the others, genetically my DNA, my height weight and other bio metrics, my date of birth, my parents, my other language (or mother tongue Urdu), my schooling, my graduation in Electronics in 1980 from Karachi, post graduation in 1981 from Eindhoven – I am the only person by this name and characteristics, my training with NEC Japan on certain specific computers only me by this name and characteristics, my Research work in Saudi Arabia, my training at Honey well college in Phoenix AZ in 1991 only me by this name, and many other characteristics that make me different than the others by the same name, People that I lived with, People that I worked with know me well. My children my family know me and can not be misguided.

No matter how much people misguide others about these facts, facts will never change and those who know facts will not believe lies although they may not express openly due to certain considerations. I am who I am, can never be changed. No one can hide the truth for ever, people might succeed in delaying the truth but truth comes out eventually no matter how long it takes.It is about a person (a specific person known to certain people) not just about a name, a name on a card or on a piece of paper or in conversation verbally without a living human associated with it is meaningless. When Data belongs to a specific person, person can not be cloned just by copying or replicating data because of uniqueness of biometrics for each person.And my gender is MALE (NOT Female).

Published by undersigned:



خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا


Plus code 87M265J2+76


2-671 Fennell Ave. East,

(Door #2 on the upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

(correct postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V1V3, it is NOT 3J3).

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May – Five + years this month in 2022, I was trapped to rent in such a building, I did not ask for this address.

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