ATTN: PRESTO/metrolinx Transit Fare CARD CUSTOMER SERVICE – 01/20/2021



Presto (fare) card phone support staff should seek customer’s consent before cancelling a card or making any changes. I called presto on Jan 08 around 13h00 to transfer $1.50 from an old card (2019) to another card (2020) and the person cancelled the card and after that I was told it can’t be transferred because……., ….., ……. very un-professional and unethical.

few minutes later I received an Email informing me about this cancellation.

Before doing anything this drastic they should make customer aware of it that what is going to happen. Relevant managers should train staff on phones better than this.

Moreover transferring balance from one card to another card should be made simpler  with the help of metrolinx app without the need to talk to phone staff.

Since GO Transit is a provincially operated service so Govt. of Ontario should consider to setup a counter at Service Ontario locations to provide better service to transit customers.

Published by myself:

خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا

Plus code 87M265J2+76

2-671 Fennell Ave. East,
(Door#: 2 on the upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario Canada L8V 1V3.

(correct postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V 1V3, it is NOT 3J3)

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May 2017- over three years i.e. 45 months in January 2021 – I was trapped to rent in such building.)

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