My observations which may be useful for others about web profiles created by me on the internet – Updated 09/30/2020




When creating a profile on web sites a form or multiple forms need to be filled by the information requested. After completion, email verification and other authentication steps profile gets activated and if required owner / account holder can update (change/correct etc) when required over the period of life of the profile. Account holders used to have full editing ability on the information submitted on the forms.

Recently I have noticed that some companies take away the account holders ability to edit some of the fields on forms which is very strange and questionable and defeats the purpose of the creating it on the internet. It is possible over a period of time that phone, email or address or other dynamic information needs to be updated. Certain static profile information like legal name, date of birth, gender does not change and may be made un-editable. But why make dynamic information un-editable which can change and needs to be updated over the life of profile.

Some donot provide the ability to disable or remove the profile if the account holder decides profile not needed any more. Why ?? – following may be the reason.

Some companies perhaps intake people just so that they create those profiles and companies use the information and documents submitted by the account holder for other purposes (without account holders consent under the assumption “how would they know” or with the backing of some authorities under false permits).

Some employment agencies, some banks I came across are involved in this kind of behaviour which is illegal.

Profiles disappear from the websites:

Many years ago I wrote about the usefulness or disadvantages of profiles on the web. I mean the misinterpretation of the information on these profiles by the less knowledgeable people may become dangerous. Another disadvantage I came across that people take over perfectly useable profiles just by manipulating or changing some information (in my hypothesis, otherwise why the profiles would become inaccessible). Recently I came to know that two of my profiles which were normally accessible few month ago and suddenly became inaccessible. One on the website and other one locally in Hamilton. There procedure to restore or regain access do not work either. As if other people use those profiles , who knows for what ?????

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