Issues with Discount Stores – Sizing labels on clothes and sizing numbers on shoes – Cashier’s playing games and misbehaving with paying customers – Updated October 14 of 2020



Many years ago when Zellers was a popular and active brand I noticed that sizing labels on their men’s clothes were incorrect specially on men’s trousers/pants. Which I printed out to them. By early 2013 most of the Zellers brand stores were closed, I am not sure if any existed today.Recently I came across similar problem with men’s shirts being sold at Winners stores. Also men’s shoes sold at Walmart stores were of incorrect size numbers as marked on the shoes. I guess this is due to the low prices they offer and can not guarantee quality.Wrong sizing numbers and wrong size labels become an issue for a shopper like myself who buys clothes and shoes by the size numbers without using fitting rooms.Another situation that shoppers should be aware is that of technology used for theft prevention on the merchandise. In the past retail stores used ink tags or magnetic tags (also known as sensors) which used to sound alarm at exit if not de-magnetized by the store/cashier. Now RFID tags (electronic security) are used for this purpose but the stores do not have the necessary infrastructure or trained staff to handle or understand RFID tags. If the tags database not updated or not disabled etc. may result in complications.What I observed in the recent years is that physical security guards in uniform in some retail environments look for or focus on shoppers instead of merchandise in these stores. Very disturbing and questionable behaviour of retail environments now a days.

Another questionable behaviour of retail stores:Playing games and misbehaving with paying customers. I went to a walmart store in the neighbourhood at Mohawk for quick shopping on September 05. I noticed Cashier’s not visible, they hide behind the stuff or become out of sight. I saw register 10 cashier waiting without any customer so after putting my items on the conveyor belt I approached the cashier, suddenly a man came from the other side and cashier said he was ahead of you, what does it mean. If he was ahead of why did he not complete the transaction before leaving the register. They play such games to make customers guilty of doing something wrong. NOT acceptable. This kind of behaviour must change.Prices on the shelf and at register are always a problem in this store. Scanned price for the Soda at the register is always (most of the time) a $1.00 more than the price on the shelf. Prices at Walmart are supposed to be falling, not other way around (i.e. shelf sticker shows lower price and at check out receipt shows higher price), this is over charging. Walmart Senior Management/Executives should look into such matters and audit such locations.

A store called Shoe Factory or Factory Shoe on Upper James in Hamilton.

In July of 2020 OW Case Manager of my file gave me one time cash benefit , which I decided to invest in good quality shoe. I bought a pair of shoes from the above store in Hamilton. In about two months usage shoe looks like this as shown below:(Wear and tear in Two months usage).



This definitely is a durability issue and the quality of material used in it. Shoe is not the worth of the price I paid for it. It is a well known brand but product is not durable. I approached the store to get it repaired or replaced from the manufacturer. On Friday Sept 04 a store rep. agreed to replace it but on Tuesday September 08 that person was not available and the other people were less than friendly in this matter. I chose another pair the cashier asked me to pay the difference and did not adjust the price. She ripped the bag in which I carried my damaged (worn out) shoe to the store and she did not even have the courtesy to put the pair of shoes in another bag. This reflects on something , a consistent policy (or their true inner behaviour) of showing their hate and disliking towards me. I wonder why ????It was a paid pair of shoe from the one time benefit I got from OW case manager. I produced the receipts as well.Something to think about what is happening here.

Retail industry should train their staff at all levels with special emphasis on those who have no North American shooling/education for the following reason.In my most recent experience with a big retailer (the Bay/hbc rewards) I found that staff is using wrong salutation with customers. I have closed this loyalty account in my name as of October 08 of 2020 I was not using it so keeping it makes no logical sense. I will (eventually ) close all such store loyalty membership cards, which have no use. What is the use of these web profiles, nothing more than headaches.

In some countries it is considered respect to say Mister with the given name. Where as in Western countries North America, Mister is used with the Family name or Full name. By using Mister with the given name they switch given and family names which is wrong because that contradicts with the two letters of initials.

I bought a pant from Bay store in limeridge mall in which sizing labels were found wrong .

Returned it to the store. Waist size was much bigger than the size shown on labels. I was suggested to use fitting rooms to try them on, I told them it is unhygienic, I buy clothes by the size labels without using the fitting room. It is very disappointing that Bay clothes are wrongly labeled like Zellers.

Marks warehouse pants were found wrong sizing labels. (No measures ng tape to check the size).

Moores Dockers pants were found showing wrong size labels.

I cancelled Moores Perfect Fit loyalty program as of October 14 of 2020 15h00, no one should be able to use it any further for any reason at all.

I believe mail orders (on line shopping) is better to avoid these problems but in Hamilton my orders/shipments are stolen and diverted to somebody else. I am used to order by mail orders since I was a teenager in Karachi Pakistan, US businesses used to advertise in local digests in Pakistan. I used to get my shipments at our family business ARCO tailors in Karachi Pakistan.

When I was on contract in Jubail Saudi Arabia I used to get auto parts, mail etc shipped to me by DHL from Canada.

I cancelled my pcOptimum retail loyalty program in 2020 for personal reasons (missing points etc. ) not worth to chase correction for such points program.

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