Incorrect information provided by ZTE manufacturer – back of the phone does not work for contact less rather it is the screen side of the phone that works near the terminals in my ZTE axon 7 mini – Updated January 19 of 2021 charger issue

How about other phones – information from anyone or the phone manufacturer would be highly appreciated.

I came across a charger issue provided by ZTE with axon 7 mini (white color wall charger). I compared the issue with ZTE black color older wall charger.

White charger has some kind of voltage retention (perhaps a capacitor that does not discharge) even after the charger is unplugged from the wall, so it impacts charging next time , instead of charging phone it discharges the phone battery.

Black wall charger does not retain voltage after unplugging from the wall and does not discharge the battery at the next charge cycle.

I used a usb LED light to find this out, by connecting it to both chargers after unplugging from the wall. LED light flashes momentarily on white wall charger and turns off after capacitor fully discharges.

In black wall charger LED light does NOT turn on.

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