My recent experience with suspended internet connectivity due to some unknown issue – May 2020


Around 13th or 14th of May 2020 my internet connectivity was lost for few days due to which many essential services on my phone became unavailable.

When I called phone company about it there recorded message was telling to use messaging channels. Without internet connectivity messaging channels don’t work if wifi signal is not available.

I used public phones to contact the phone company couple of times to get the matter resolved.

After this experience I am of the opinion that internet service should be no cost free for consumers/end users and available all the times. Internet connectivity should be payable by the commercial users of internet (not the consumers). Commercial users of internet connectivity such as banks, air lines, phone companies who want to use internet as messaging channel with the customers, ecommerce/online business providers, cloud based companies who use internet as delivery mechanism for their goods and services to ordinary retail consumers because consumers pay for the products and services which consists of delivery cost as well (movies downloads etc, placing the order with amazon, Alibaba etc just few examples). Now delivery and ordering mechanism is internet (commercial usage). So the relevant authorities must look into this aspect of commercial usage of internet and make internet usage free of cost for end users. Also Govt. agencies, educational institutes use internet connectivity to deliver services so public should have access to free internet without having to worry about cost, reliability and availability of it. Consumers already pay for internet connectivity indirectly as built into the cost of the services (or product) they receive, so why additional cost of internet connectivity to end users as part of the phone payment. Internet connectivity should not be impacted by wether some one is mister by the given name or mister by the family name. Internet connectivity should be offered to end users at no cost and ordinary public should be encouraged to use it because it is in the interest of Govt. agencies, commercial entities and big businesses, it is the future life style.

Any business/organization/agency with consumers base, subscribers base, membership base and similar who use internet for financial/material/political gains should bear the cost of internet connectivity so that for individual end users / individual consumers of internet it is free of cost. So individual consumers pay for the contents, services and products received over (or due to) internet connectivity.

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One thought on “My recent experience with suspended internet connectivity due to some unknown issue – May 2020

  1. Comment on my own I formation on August 16 of 2020:
    Current internet connectivity is based on usage in terms of mega bytes or gibytes (GB) at a certain price determined by the telephone companies which is quite steep at present.
    Internet connectivity in present and future time should be like television broad cast of the past, always available through cell towers or wifi -Govt. Should become provider of the internet connectivity in return for a nominal fee from individual customers (and corporate level commercial/bulk users should pay to the Govt. at higher rate due to the volume usage of the service).
    I remember from my past that in Pakistan Govt. use to charge a nominal TV licencing fee from TV set owners to receive the TV transmission.
    Same can be applied (with some modifications) to internet strategy to make it fully open and available.
    Also this will make the use of internet more affordable by consumer lever users with NO limits on its usage and corporate level commercial/bulk users will benefit from it as well.


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