Is it due to Severity of Coronavirus or something else – April 25 of 2020


Following picture was taken on April 24 and 25 in Hamilton with a closure sign. At another spot around Mountain Park Ave. behind Concession Street, a parking space was seen closed with a yellow tape about a few weeks ago, and was done in such a hurry that tape was blowing away with the wind. I am not watching TV and have no idea what is happening in this city so sometimes I take transit (in addition to groceries) observe my surroundings with my own and eyes.


A similar sign was seen in macassa park when I walked through the park with my grocery this after noon on April 27 of 2020.




My observation is that:

Hamilton Ontario appears to have become a ghost town, an abandoned city. I have never seen such situation in my adult life (except during curfew times in riots and political unrests in Pakistan), not even in war times of 1965 (I actually experienced and lived through it, according to News archives problems started in April 1965) when I was growing up in Karachi. This time in Hamilton it appears to be a war with a silent and invisible enemy. Hamilton City Hall closed, shopping centers and businesses closed, law offices closed, Big Hotels closed, Malls closed, transit running with reduced seating and reduced frequency, Libraries closed, good thing for environment reduced traffic, also due to end of semester educational institutions closed but with extended duration.This is unbelievable. Is it due to a medical situation or introduction of something else, a new life style perhaps, it appears to be. No such signs were seen in Toronto, Mississauga and Burlington on my short visit on April 25 of 2020. Only noticeable thing was empty park n ride parking lots on the way.

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