Contents of monthly OW envelope which was received late on December 06 of 2019 – Rent paid (I wonder who has/keeps the rent receipt).


According to OW Hamilton IVR staff this monthly envelope was mailed around November 23rd of 2019 from Toronto which arrived in my box on December 06 of 2019, why it took so long.

Something to think about.

I wonder which Dental Clinics in Hamilton are on OW approved list, I have never been provided a list. Since Friday to Monday three clinics have refused to accepted and one clinic did not even know about it and had negative attitude towards me on showing it and talking about it.

I know only (from experience in Dec 2017) “Optical Clearance” is a approved vendor by OW for eye wear/prescription glasses in Hamilton.


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3 thoughts on “Contents of monthly OW envelope which was received late on December 06 of 2019 – Rent paid (I wonder who has/keeps the rent receipt).

  1. Comment on my own information on December 11 of 2019. This morning around 09h00 am walked to search for a dentist who would accept the dental card in addition to OHIP card. Was very windy morning. 870 Upper James Dental Clinic did not accept it and refused. After that took a bus from Mohawk College to go to City Hall, on my way to Dundas to talk to the Dental office about my dental records at the Lundy’s Lane clinic in Niagara Falls, also presented my OHIP and dental card which she copied to keep a record for the 24th appointment.
    After this clinic went to Tupman dental clinic because the Niagara falls dental office has my dental records from 2016, completed a form quickly, and waited for 50 minutes, after which I left because I was feeling better and I was on a transit transfer. Took a bus to Jackson square dental clinic on the upper floor, that is one place which accepts the dental card and OHIP, but was not able to say what is the use of dental card, apparently govt. has changed the services available on OHIP card without announcement that’s why a separate dental card is used for dental work ( limited to x-ray, extraction, filling, But no other cleaning ) etc.
    Very stressful day, no one to talk about this matter openly, just very secretively,


  2. Comment on my own information on Monday December 09 of 2019.
    After talking to Limeridge Dental Clinic went to City Hall to ask them about what this dental card was if dental clinic don’t know about it. Also visited the OW Central office to talk to the front desk about this issue.
    I was given three clinic names, I suggested clinic names should be printed on the dental card so that in case of need people don’t have to research which clinic would accept it.


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