Regarding my Family matters -TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN – Updated August 30 of 2020




(Recently I was asked if my wife left from here referring to Hamilton (Ontario Canada), looks like negative propaganda machinery is spreading rumors again. Those who may be interested to know, my wife and children never lived in Hamilton Ontario Canada. As I have explained on various occasions earlier, that separation occured in USA due to my non-criminal arrest and imprisonments in USA many years ago details already published/documented elsewhere.)

I have been living separated from my wife and children since 2005. Since after we got married in 1989 she has been using my Given name (KHALID) as part of her name. So in written format/material if Mrs or Mr not used with the name it becomes an issue to determine who is male who is female. For this reason I am publishing this information, my wife is She (Khalid) and identify her by her complete name (maiden and/or married) for clarity, _____ I am KHALID MAHMOOD and my gender is male.

A recent voice message on my line prompted me to clarify this issue. Now on November 12 of 2019, I have a scheduled meeting (appointment) with the same person on Friday November 15 of 2019 at Community Legal Clinic and expect that it will be a transparent meeting without any deceptions and I will be addressed by my complete name to avoid any mixup/confusion with any one else.

After so many years of separation since 2005 without any contact I have objection to her using my name. If anyone comes across a situation where she is still using my name must be reported to authorities. She should use her maiden name proudly (or another husband’s name) instead of using my name.

Published by myself:


Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May 2017- three years + by entrapment)

خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا


Plus code 87M265J2+76

Ph: (289)990-6590 – (905)865-9379

671 Fennell Ave. East,

(Door#:2 on the upper floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

(correct postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V1V3, it is NOT 3J3).

One thought on “Regarding my Family matters -TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN – Updated August 30 of 2020

  1. Commenting on my own information on November 16 of 2019.
    I cancelled the meeting (which was initiated by me) in person at the Community Legal Clinic due to lack of information regarding role of the lawyers working here (source of funding, their priorities, weather they are sincere to their clients or the paymasters etc).
    I was in that building twice for considerable duration just in case if the lawyers want to talk to me.


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