My family pictures taken before 2005 in USA.


My two legal sons, a legal daughter and a legal wife as shown in the picture below. Don’t be fooled by deception, don’t believe lies and false associations of any other family members.If anyone makes such claims must be brought to my and authorities attention. All three children were Pennsbury School Dist. students in Pennsylvania USA. I was a sub teacher at Pennsbury, Bensalem and Truman High Schools in Bucks County Pennsylvania (2004-2005) before my first non-criminal arrest in July 2005.

Since my wife uses part of my name as family name, she is Mrs. KHALID MAHMOOD aka (She) Khalid. I am Mr. Khalid Mahmood because I am male.

My first non-criminal arrest July 2005, imprisonment at York County prison (July 2005-January 2006)

My second non-criminal arrest June 2012 imprisonment at Pike County prison (June 2012-January 2013)

By the same person.

And three times returned to Canada from the US border without entry into US (non-criminal)

1) 2010 from rainbow bridge border-paper work filed for waiver.

(Traveled from Ottawa)

2) 2011 from Montreal border despite waiver and completed paper work, paper work was accepted for air travel to Philadelphia in 2011 but not at the border.

(Traveled from Ottawa)

3) 2013 from rainbow bridge border.

(Traveled from Niagara Region.)

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