Meeting with Dianna (Danica Milojevic) in the parking lot around 10h30 am Sunday morning October 27 of 2019


This morning when I returned from my morning health walk around 10h30 am as I approached the glass door at the front of the building a child came running from the Best Buy convenience store (665) , so I delayed entering the building and stepped away from child’s path of running.

Suddenly passenger side back door of a maroon color car parked at 667 spot opened, a woman said my first name to engage me in conversation, asking me when I moved here. It was Dianna (Danica Milojevic) who rented me in this building in May 2017. Since she is the one who rented unit 2 in this building, I knew her and responded to her.

After that she said something about last months rent. She said talk to Oliver. As I was approaching the 671 glass door again, Oliver ran out of the building with another man behind him rushingly and went towards 667 restaurant.

Before entering he building, I responded to her question and reminded her of Anthony Wilson, she wrote this name on the intent to rent form that I gave her in the building before my appointment/file transfer from Niagara Region meeting at OW office on April 25 of 2017.

When she was showing me the unit#-2 in 2017 hallway was very dark, lights did not turn on and I used my pocket flash light to show her the key hole to unlock the door on the upper floor.

After showing me the unit she said she was going to USA to attend her cousins funeral and gave me her manager Oliver’s contact number who used to work at 450 Hwy 8 in Stoneycreek. Before going to see Oliver to take the keys I called him, and I was told that rent payment by cheque was not acceptable must be cash. So I paid him rent by cash $800.00 before move in and paid $180.00 to Dianna in the building after she returned from funeral in May 2017. (I went to see Oliver in Stoneycreek twice, to pickup the completed intent to rent form and to pickup the keys).

Above receipt was written by Oliver at the Stoneycreek Star Pizza when I was given keys. Notice the total for first and last month to move in ($890.00) and amount owing ($90.00) written at the top of the receipt by Oliver which makes the monthly rent $445.00 in 2017-

However the following receipt makes rent $490.00 which is as per verbal and intent to rent form.

The above receipt was written by Dianna in the building after she came back from the funeral in USA. ($800 receipt by Oliver and $180 receipt by Dianna makes a total of $980 at move in for first and the last, and monthly rent of $490 which was reduced to $400 from November 01 of 2017).

I wonder what is the issue now after 30 months since I moved in this building at 2- 671 Fennell Ave. East.

After first transaction by cash (because cheque was not accepted), I was writing cheques to pay rent in the name of Star Heights Pizza Inc. which was received by Dianna, Dianna was not happy with cheques, Oliver threatened to deport me early 2018, so I did paper work to pay rent direct to the receiver to avoid such unpleasant conversations with him. Dianna threatened me twice to evict me once outside the building and second time inside the building when I used to keep my door open with my half height book shelf.

I wonder what is the motivation and purpose in giving immigration to highly qualified professionals if they are threatened by deportation. ????

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