My OW welfare file moved back to Central Office (Downtown Hamilton) from Upper James Location.


I just received a letter today on October 22 of 2019 from OW informing me of another (6th) Case Manager of OW welfare since my file was transferred to Hamilton from Niagara Region in 2017.

My first case manager in Hamilton after file transfer from Niagara Region was located at the Central Office in 2017, same year in 2017 my file was moved to Upper James Location of OW and now in 2019 my file is moved back to Central Office in Downtown Hamilton, not to the same case manager but a different case manager.

Spoke to OW Upper James staff and MPPs staff to find out the reason behind this change of location. It is the same municipality, no change in municipality and my ID address and physical address has not changed since May 2017.

In 2017 One time transfer from Niagara Region to Hamilton Central Office of OW.

In 2017 One time file move (change of office) to Upper James location of OW office.

In 2019 File move back to Central Office of OW in Hamilton Downtown.

My ID address and physical location has not changed since May 2017.

(three times of this change that I know for sure happened. I find this unusual in a 30 month period six case managers and three file moves).

I wonder what will be the impact of this change on O/P recovery matter because no response to my letter dated September 11 of 2019 received yet from Over payment group.

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2 thoughts on “My OW welfare file moved back to Central Office (Downtown Hamilton) from Upper James Location.

  1. Comment on my own information on October 24 of 2019.
    About 10 minutes ago I received a call from Isaac Acquah case manager of OW in response to my email I wrote for his information only.
    He got my yellow form I wrote on October 23 and was forwarded to O/P group.
    He also mentioned that they don’t receive emails from clients.
    ( Another case manager Anthony Wilson, Wendy Hamilton and others did accept emails for information purpose).


  2. Comment on my own information on October 23 of 2019.
    Visited Community Legal Clinic in downtown to consult with a lawyer. Visited the OW Central Office and submitted a yellow form for case manager Isaac Acquah to respond to my letter dated Sept 11, also recorded a voice message and recorded a voice message for Bruce Hicerson from City Hall.


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