Registered (or Courier) mail sent to me must be signature required to prevent mail theft. (This is a legal requirement) . Courier Service is acceptable for legal purpose as well because it needs/keeps record of signature of the receiver.


Any official document, any thing important sent to me by registered mail must be signature required. As declared earlier that I have not authorised/ not delegated this responsibility to anyone to prevent mail theft (not even my immediate family) to prevent mail theft which I have experienced is very common. So unless it shows my handwriting on it was not received by me. Canada Post knows me because my current address has been verified by Canada Post. So Canada Post mail delivery service must find me for signature and to give me the registered item.

A letter sent to me in 2018 by Ontario Works Social welfare on the subject of over payment but not delivered to me in my box prompted me to declare and remind this requirement. A person from OW social office at Upper James in Hamilton called me on September 30 to tell that they dont use registered mail for official documents but can use courier service. Courier services as well needs/keeps record of receiver’s signature which is necessary to prevent mail theft.

Based on the historical data it is necessary that there be some kind of record to make sure that official documents are delivered to me in a verifiable manner and not to some one else with same name (or an Impostor pretending to be me or associated with me- Refer to my precautionary note published earlier).

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Ontario DL#: M01684340561220

plus code 87M265J2+76


2-671 Fennell Ave. East,

Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

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