My name splitting AND/OR switching – a definite No No:Please refrain from it –


Today (on September 20 of 2019) I received an email from a lawyer (or staff of Community Legal Clinic in Hamilton) in which I was addressed by my incomplete name, this was unexpected and unacceptable for me, because legal work is always done by complete name (Given name + Family name) some times may be a middle name in between (not a must). When people use incomplete name they have the intention to make it ambiguous and later on twist it around for someone elses benefit (or they benefit from it). I would expect lawyers to be above such low level cheap tricks to create a deception for the ordinary and the system, not only due to professional ethics but also as a legal requirement. In legal matters the importance of unambiguity can not and must not be compromised. Also with incomplete name it is impossible to know whether it is Given name or Family name. How people address each other in personal matters or among family members is an entirely different matter but in legal and official matters it must the be use of complete name.

I wonder what are the guide lines or requirements set by the government and Law Organizations/Society of Canada. How they monitor such violations and how they enforce code of ethics.

Also if the lawyers working at Community Legal Clinics are funded by provincial money, lawyers may not be sincere to the clients who have a dispute with provincial departments such as OW welfare.

Something to think about and somebody/authorities should look into it, what is the priority of these lawyers towards clients in a difficult situation.

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