Regarding overpayment matter-

I wonder, if social assistance welfare (OW) payments in Ontario is loan money.

I was given a walk-in meeting with. Community Legal Clinic on November 26 of 2019 to talk to a lawyer in the afternoon after Oliver harrased me (audio file of the argument on my website). Lawyer that I met with was not able to say what changed the eligibility in Ottawa which caused to close the file and later on when file was fixed total was treated as overpayment. If there is no legal explanation to the first time file closure (what caused to changed the eligibility) than it was just an arbitrary decision. Whose decision. So now there are following questions which need to be answered by lawyers or OW welfare Department.

1) was it arbitrary decision to close file and create overpayment. What was the rationale behind it.

2) what changed the eligibility to close the file.

3) monthly payments are fixed payments so overpayment from OW to the participants/recipient can not occur.

4) If people in difficulty due to no income & no other support depend on the govt. support why are they not informed in the begining that they will be required to payback all the money like loan.

Something to think about this overpayment issue.

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8 thoughts on “Regarding overpayment matter-

  1. Comment on my own information on January 20 of 2020.
    OW IVR menu has an option to listen to overpayment information. Apparently OW has not resolved this matter yet despite my visits to Community Legal Clinic and my letters. to explain the reason for Overpayment because there was NO extra money paid to me. Just file closing in 2007 started the overpayment issue. OW or lawyers are not able to determine what changed the eligibility in 2007 to close the file which created Orepayment amount/issue.


  2. Commenting on my own previous information on November 04 of 2019. Around afternoon received a packet from OW by courier mail which was picked up by myself at the gas station at the corner of Crockett & Upper Gage. Incomplete and unsatisfactory response to my letter, OW just forwarded to me the documents received from Ottawa.
    Later on submitted the documents to CLC for closer examination to determine the cause behind over payment.


  3. I am commenting on my own previous information. No response to my letter dated September 11 of 2019 which was submitted to 3 locations of OW welfare social services. Approached Hamilton CLC, followed up with phone calls and recorded message. no response yet. It has been two weeks since I submitted the letter to find out more details about the over payments, how overpayments occured, because each social assistance payment I receive is always within eligible limits, there may be few exceptions beyond my control.


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