Hello world – I need legal protection – from this abuse – a Letter (and other prints) I received from OW regarding over payment – Updated March 17 of 2021

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I always declare my income (SOI) according to the OW procedure (NOT ODSP) and I received this letter for over payment which does not make sense.(ODSP and OW are two separate programs).It has no ID number on it (so I wrote my social Insurance number on it to avoid misuse by any one else.)

I wonder why no OW ID on it,.

(posted on September 05 of 2019 ).

(A letter was received on a different matter on March 16 of 2021 from Case Manager of my OW file which was also without OW ID, so I added OW ID and S.I.N # on it in my handwriting to link it to me.) I wonder how can they issue documents without following formal procedures. Appears to me that they have no supervision to monitor such blunders.

(Letter dated April 19 of 2018 was not received by mail perhaps due to mail theft or someone holding it, it was received by me in person in September of 2019 from OW staff located at Upper James after the labour day long weekend.

Following hand written letter in my own handwriting is my response to OW.

(submitted twice on 09/11 & 09/13)

(no response yet as of September 26 of 2019, almost two weeks since I submitted).

One more question in addition to the questions in the above hand written letter is that what changed the eligibility in November 2007 to close the file. Eligibility was determined in March/April 2006 at the time of application, that eligibility has not changed to this date, so how the welfare payments will become overpayments. Is the welfare in Ontario loan money.

I have a legal right to know on what basis this decision was made to put social welfare payments under over payment, because each payment that was issued was within eligible limits, was not over the limits so how the over payment was calculated, I have a legal right to know the breakdown of each payment that was over the eligible limit. I estimate that about 150 monthly payments were made in all to-date since I was put on this program in April 2006 (excluding the year 2011 and year 2012) . Out of these 150 payments which ones are over payments.

link to pdf file:

(copy the link in browser URL)



I am appealing to all on humanitarian basis to provide me legal protection from this harassment and abusive situation, there is a long list of false charges without legal protection, I have been arrested so many times, non-criminal.




plus code 87M265J2+76


2-671 Fennell Ave. East,

(Door #2 on the Upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

6 thoughts on “Hello world – I need legal protection – from this abuse – a Letter (and other prints) I received from OW regarding over payment – Updated March 17 of 2021

  1. this is a comment on my own previous information.
    Friday September 20 of 2019.
    Visited CLC in Hamilton to get legal support to deal witj OW. They denied and no lawyer spoke to me, just said it is not legal issue give them reasonable time to respond. After that I went to talk OW locations about this matter. At Upper James Location a supervisor spoke to me about it, apparently supervisor was not aware of the response and the two questions I submitted. I spoke to her verbally, resubmitted a copy. Bruce Hickerson called and recorded a voice message while I was on transit. In the evening I returned his call and wrote an email message as well with an attachment.


  2. writing a comment on my own infornation. As a result if mt followup call on OW IVR system, perspn who answered the call after a long wait. Told me that system/my file was not updated since end of August 2019. Although Sam Hanna gave me letter after labour day weekend on September 04, system shows August 29 which is incorrect.
    Call taker wrote an email to my Case Manager. Case Manager called me back and said it will take few days. I wonder how long is few days since after September 11.
    I submitted my response on September 11 and again on September 13.


  3. writing a comment on my own information. Called the OW office on IVR line to find out about their response. Person who spoke to me transferred my call to case manager Vivian Vidov, I recorded a message before 11h00 am, walked to OW office from YMCA and resubmitted the response (drop box) at the upper James location. Later on I got a call from City of Hamilton around 15h30 pm on this matter, the person who called me said it will take few days before I get the information I requested in my response because the person responsible for this matter was away.


  4. writing a comment on my own information about over payment matter. Since OW is not able to provide details of the overpayments on month by month basis, it is not over payment.
    Since a amount of $36.65 is being deducted on monthly basis as O/P recovery without overpayment, it is effectively reducing the monthly OW welfare payments (without saying it).


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