I am declaring voluntarily that I am signing all documents (which require signing) for myself not for anyone else (absolutely NOT), my bank accounts, electronic assetts such as web profiles, electronic login IDs, email addresses are all single user non-transferable for myself only, nothing is joint with anyone (absolutely NOT).

I have not granted any permission to anyone, not issued any power of attorney to anyone (absolutely NOT) to use any of the above mentioned assetts. In addition no one is authorised to sign or make any transaction (or negotiate) any documents on my behalf for any purpose (absolutely NOT).

Any paper work, IDs, legal documents, generated due to my appearances/applications at various agencies (USA, CANADA or any other Country) is for myself only not for anyone else (absolutely NOT), regardless whether it is in my posession or not (absolutely non-transferable).

Only exceptions are as follows:

I might have signed documents for my three legal children when they were minor.

Also that I am not overweight (my height and weight ratio is normal), and my height is

65″ (inch) or 165 cm or

5′ – 5″ (in feet & inches) or

5.42′ (in feet only)-

same height in different units.

Defeat the deceptions, defeat movie like illusions in real human life, dont be fooled by it.

This is my legal position, will remain valid in any court of law.

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Resheltered at 15 Wilkinson Rd., Brampton ON L6T4X1

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