My visit to Social assistance offices on August 12 of 2019 –

(Yellow Color form in Original)

written message submitted to OW Upper James location for my OW case manager by me written by myself for myself in my own handwriting for two matters (1) letter regarding SOI exemption (2) to find out and understand how social assistance payments (which are a fixed amount monthly payments) became overpayments and for which every month a fixed amount is deducted from my monthly assistance cheque.

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8 thoughts on “My visit to Social assistance offices on August 12 of 2019 –

  1. adding a comment to my own previous information/comments.
    September 23 of 2019.
    Called Bruce Hickerson around 08h50 and recorded a message. Walked to OW Upper James to see him in person, waited for him 09h15 to 09h45, Sam Hanna spoke to me. I wrote another email to Bruce Hickerson about this over payment matter.


  2. writing a comment on my own information on August 29 of 2019,
    Sam Hanna of OW called me regarding the O/P letter. Over payment was not bc of extra money issued by OW rather it was total of payments issued (each payment within elgibility limits) at the time when file was closed.
    I called him back couple of times to remind him to write the letter with my complete name and ID numbers.
    Also spoke to a OW supervisor who informed me that letter was ready to pickup at the desk.


  3. adding this comment to my own information. Lawyer Dora of Community Legal Clinic called and recorded a message for me when I was out for groceries shopping, that a letter has been faxed to case manger 214 regarding over payment matter arount 13h10.
    I wrote an email FYI to casemanager 214 requesting to mention my complete name “KHALID MAHMOOD” on all my correspondence and my ID number as well.


  4. writing a comment on my own infornation. Visited Commnity Legal Clinic (walked all the way) on August 26 to talk about the over payment letter and case mangers response. Signed a consent form at the request of desk staff to contact my case manger in this matter, wrote my ID numbers on the consent form for easy access to my information.
    Got a follow up call from community legal clinic on August 27 before noon time and spoke to a lawyer about this matter.
    Also visited OW offices down town and Upper James to follow up this matter on August 26.


  5. update to my comment I wrote earlier today. Case Manger (Vivian Vidov) refused to issue a letter explaining the reason for overpayment on my welfare file. Matter is with lawyers now, process which I started on August 12 and spoke to a lawyer Stephanie of Community Legal Clinic on August 14 evening around 15h30.
    I was told by the CLC that lawyer was on vacation at this time.


  6. I am writing a comnent on my own information. I called my Case Manager/OW office on August 22 to follow up regarding the SOI letter. I was told letter was mailed on 12th but I have not yet received it which means it has been stolen or somebody is holding it.
    Overpayment matter was closed in Ottawa in 2011. File was reopened in January 2013 in Fort Erie, I wonder why overpayment matter became active again in 2013 which was already settled in Ottawa.


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