Attn: Microsoft Commercial Billing – my subscription is “not expired” still active.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:There is no doubt microsoft is a great company (may be exceptions who do not agree with this statement), however if the company avoids making errors such as shown below, it has a potential to become even a better company. Invoice E01008BY41 was waived early june, but it was shown as over due in my profile. Following screen shot clearly shows that the June payment was waived (they were unable to resubmit a revised invoice showing waived amount of $9.00 and $0.00 to pay for my second invoice).

not expired, payment was waived.

Even a unpaid (not waived) invoice will not be past due because payment term as per invoice is Net 30.

(There was no additional licence added during May period order Qty. is not 2. How can amonut become CAD$ 9.00 insteaf of CAD$ 8.70)

Please use domain name and account number on all correspondence for clarity (to easily identify the correct account if there are multiple entries by the same name).

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