Volunteerism, what it is and what it is not –


Why people do volunteer (unpaid) work –

Following is what I learned over the years by attending various information sessions, by talking to employmeny counsellors, reading in published material (definitely not limited to the following, there may be other reasons as well);

1) Affluent and well paid busy professionals, consultants – do volunteer work to give back to community, to contribute in the society, to develop others, for networking etc. in their spare time, evenings or whenever possible.

2) Unemployed people do volunteer work as a step towards getting paid employment to be able to fill in the gaps between employnent. To maintain the habit and rythm of a working routine.

3) it is very unlikely that people working at low income would volunteer because they need to earn more with their time/skills, volunteering would not be such a acceptable option for them.

Volunteers as well are selected through a process/background check/screening and other requirements just like a paid employment process to maintain the quality of work and not to disturb the peace of the eco system or the work place to ensure a reasonable fit.

What it is NOT:

As a volunteer I am not a free work force for whole life, does not mean that volunteers live without a pay cheque. may or may not apply to other volunteers. Volunteerism is extracurricular activity in addition to full time employment or business.

Volunteers have to support themselves and their families as well. So taking advantage of ones volunteer role/work would be very wrong and unethical.

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