Bad memories from the past – 3rd Anniversary in 2019 Since Police (NRPS) told me to leave from 8496 Forestview Blvd. Niagara Falls address on Victoria Day 2016 past midnight – Updated May 25 of 2021




Bad memories from Victoria Day 2016:

Next week will be the 4th Victoria Day and 3rd anniversary since Lamis Ahmed (my rent receiver at that time) used the Police Force in Niagara Falls of Niagara Region to tell me to leave from the house past midnight around 1’O clock on Victoria Day 2016, without giving me my property, without discussing the unknown issue, without filing with LTB, without refund of my last month rent and balance of the rent for the remainder of the month roughly one week rent. My efforts afterwards to pick up my belongings were answered by further threats of Police involvement if seen at the house.

Two photos from my archives, were taken at 8496 Forestview Blvd. (downstairs room) Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 0B3

(July 2015 – May 2016)

(matter was reported to OIPRD after settling-in at the new location on Lundy’s Lane in June 2016).

After sleeping for one night at Booth Center Salvation Army shelter in St. Catharines and few sleepless nights, Starting June of 2016 I rented at Carriage House located on Lundy’s Lane and lived in unit 30 (window side bed) untill I moved to Hamilton in 2017.

I was at this Booth center (184 church st.) shelter in St. Catharines twice,

(during Ramadan 2015)

before renting at 8496 Forestview Blvd. in July 2015


after I was told to leave from 8496 Forestview Blvd. in May 2016.

(one night with intake paper work)

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Plus code 87M265J2+76


2-671 Fennell Ave. East

(Door # 2 with curtain on the Upper Floor)

Hamilton ON L8V1V3

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