Based on my previous experiences and information I am alerting and advising every body not to provide any service and/or any merchandise or food or anything else to anyone who demands it under my name

“KHALID MAHMOOD” as associted with me or for me or any other association with me. Simply tell them to come with me and/or contact me directly yourself at (289)990-6590.

Defeat the deception, donot believe fictional and made up links / relations with me.

Please make no transactions in which my name is used with false association.

Always know the complete name and other physical attributes to identify the people with same names. Early this year in 2019 a tall person moved in my building in a unit adjacent to my unit in the corner unit similar name as me but different DNA and different biometrics. Dont be fooled even if such elements of the society bribe materially to advance their agenda.

It is very easy to contact me to verify any such stories/claims.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding,


plus code:87M265J2+76


2-671 Fennell Ave. E

Hamilton ON L8V1V3

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