my visit to Office of “Access to Housing” in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Today on April 02, 2019 I went to the above mentioned office to update some information where I have visited this office multiple times before, since I moved here in May 2017. There was a new clerk today at the desk. He asked me few questions after locating my records in the system he said my name as

“Mahmood Khalid” I said no, my name is

“Khalid Mahmood”. then I asked him what is my first name (or given name) in the system that you see. He responded “Khalid” and I continued further and said “Mahmood” is my last name(or family name) that’s why my full name is

“Khalid Mahmood”. He responded that he was a student from England and it is just a cultural thing. I totally disagree it is not a cultural thing it is a legal matter to say peoples name in correct sequence specially in govt. offices for legal work and to correctly identify people. If not done correctly it becomes a case of mistaken identity.

(any person with atleast average digital literacy would agree that name is DATA and not a English language sentence and equally not a cultural thing it is a legal matter).

so they should know how to read data.

I urge that some senior govt. officials and lawyers should look into these matters. And when international students are assigned to such public places should be adequately trained before putting at public counters infront of public where they try to hide their defficiencies under culture.


Plud code:87M265J2+76


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