Attention Hamilton Police and Niagara Regional Police

This is with reference to my release on November 13 (release document in my possession and available to show when required) from the Barton St. DET center and arrest on November 12 from my apt. at 2- 671 Fennell Ave. East (Door #2 on upper floor) Hamilton ON L8V 1V3 (plus code 87M265J2+76) for a witness warrant from Welland Court. Please make sure that the warrant is cleared/vacated from the system not to show up again in future.

Due to lack of money (welfare recipient) I am unable to hire a lawyer to handle this matter. Therefore I am requesting the relevant authorities to clear the warrant as I have already been arrested/released for it.


2-671 Fennell Ave. East, Hamilton ON L8V1V3

Ontario DL#: M01684340561220

Plus code 87M265J2+76

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