Attn: Canada Post – Alert

Canada Post please alert your mail delivery/mail carriers not to give my mail to any one on the street outside the box intended for 2-671 Fennell Ave. E HAMILTON ON L8V 1V3.

Mail is delivered in the boxes which are located on the “E 28th St. ” Side of the wall around the corner from Fennell Ave. E.

Also instruct your mail delivery/mail carriers not to put my mail in any other box.

My address has been verified by the Canada Post in writing and my ID has been checked by the retail out let of Canada Post located inside Shoppers drug Mart.

This is for your information and necessary to avoid mail theft. I have experienced mail theft in the past. Also I have seen myself mail/package being given to an unknown person by Canada Post delivery van on the street around my building. Your understating and cooperation is highly desirable in this matter.

Respectfully ,


(Ontario DL#:M01684340561220)

2-671 Fennell Ave. East


plus code: 87M265J2+76


picture of the building and boxes included.

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