To whom it may concern: updated February 25 of 2020 and August 09 of 2022 Day #221

(Following is in addition to my precautionary note I published on this website on another occasion)

Just a reminder to all those who would want to know and businesses around me at Fennell Ave. East that I am not a partner with any business yet (partnership opportunity is available). So people should not believe lies, deception about my involvement and should not committ to any transaction with out my consent, presence and written approval.

I am not associated with any one in this building, I am not in any work group in this building.

This covers all kind of transactions, I am not involved and I am not aware of any legal arrangements, contracts, MOUs etc. I am a soleproprietor business by myself not involved with others. No one is authorised (absolutely not allowed) no use my Business name or MBL for any reason, this applies to my separated/divorced spouse Imrana, my separately living children and any other friends or relatives.

They are required to have my in person authorization, no verbal deception allowed.

So beware of con-artists and Impostors.

Published by myself


خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا



Resheltered at 15 Wilkinson Rd., Brampton ON L6T4X1

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