Hostile and unacceptable attitudes and behaviors –

Place where I live since May 01 2017 was listed for $325.00 per month in a publication, so I contacted the person that was renting it Dianna (Danica Milojevic or Milojevic Danica) after showing the place she asked for $490.00 (for unfurnished) which I accepted due to the urgency of my situation, by the end of September 2017 I was looking for another place for cheaper rent and advertised on Kijiji, she decided to reduce my rent to $400.00 per month and from November 2017 I am at $400.00 per month for the same unfurnished room. Suddenly past week in June 2018 she comes around the property (lives elsewhere not in the same building) from somewhere stops her car at the corner of the building in the middle of the road and engages me when I was going for groceries and threatens me for eviction. I was surprised with this behavior, if she wanted to evict me why she rented me in the first place. I was looking for another place in October and she prevented me by reducing the rent. What is behind all this.  I wish some one could explain to me. In case of disputes (unknown to me) there are better ways to handle instead of threatening.


671 FENNELL Ave. E UN 2, Hamilton ON L8V 1V3

(Located on Upper Floor of 667 Fennell Shop Cheezaatar)