Banks Behaviour in Canada – updated July 20 of 2020

Behaviour of banks in Canada towards consumers/depositors/account holders. Early April I experienced that TDCanadaTrust holding money even after a Cheque deposit is Cleared by the other bank. about a Week ago I experienced that CIBC raising Fraud Alert on account holders if an account holders account is misused/unauthorized transactions. For insignificant amounts such as a 1$, 2$ or less than a $ transactions. Does it makes sense or even justify the resources and efforts they put in to sort out such transactions. They should set reasonable threshold limits when to start raising Fraud Alerts on Culprits not on account Holders. I hope some one from the banking industry in Canada responds to my concerns. –


Login and interac/debit card issues.

Suddenly interac debit cards or login stops working.

Due to a login issue on web broker page called TD direct investing (July 20 of 2020) and after a long question / answer session with a inexperienced support member on the phone got it fixed.

Just this after noon my login was accepted on their web broker login page, however same login became unusable in the evening. How can that happen by itself unless they are using timer/time dependent login which is not known to me, or staff is messing up with the logins.

Technology NOT DONE right.

Very strange behaviour.

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