High & High Level, Sin & Crime

High and High Level, Sin and crime. People can be high due to temporary factors such as drugs or marijuana and can come down or can be brought down when the effect of these things wears off but high level is a level achieved by people due to a certain long term process that they go through and that level becomes their base line and can not be dragged down below their base line. (example philosophers, other professionals, educators etc. can not be brought down to the level of a high school drop out or grade 10, no matter how much efforts, resources are put in.)
I observe that many people are not able to distinguish between Sin and Crime in today’s modern Society. May be that in past when there was no legislated laws all violations were encompassed as Sins and judged based on the religious books, but in modern Society violation of legislated laws is crime which is mad by the elected representatives in the countries of this world (different in different countries.) So Sins are based on religious books and crimes are on the legal books.




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Smoke and Fire safety system in Modern Cars

Does not exist – Present Day modern Cars should have sensors/detectors for warning of smoke/fire hazard (early warning system for the driver/passenger to exit the car or alert the relevant people about it . Apprently none of the cars on market today have such a system of sensors. I wonder why ?? It is possible technologically –

671 Fennell Ave E Unit 2 Hamilton Ontario L8V 1V3

(Located above 667 FENNELL closed Pizza Business)

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