address deception


Beware of the address deception. One Block of the building where I live in Hamilton has multiple addresses. Several business at the street level have a unique number for each business such as 669, 675 and 667 Fennell is assigned to Bem Bom Pizza Restaurant, but 667 Fennell is highlighted in very bold letters at the top of a post as well which makes it look like building address but it is not . The door that leads to the stairs to go up to the upper floor where 12 residential units of the 671 Fennell Ave. E are located has the address written in very small letters (microscopic, almost invisible). I find this a bit unusual, perhaps very old numbering system or may be some other reason not known to me. new learning experience. My point in writing this is that 671 Fennell (units 1-12) should be written in big bold letters on the top of the post so people driving by can locate the building easily (667 Fennell should not be on the sign because 667 is already written on the door of the business)