Attacked & Robbed during bright day Light

Niagara Falls Police  Report #: 17-13175:

This happened right after I got off the Bus 106 at ailanthus Ave. Stop on McLeod Rd. just before bus turns right on ailanthus travelling towards Dunn St.

I got off from the from door, attacker came from behind and grabbed me from behind pushed me and thew me on the ground, claimed to be Police Officer, after pushing me on the ground attempted to rip off my jacket and this resulted a lost button, snatched my brief case and walked away with it towards his plastic bags which appeared to be grocery bags. At this time I decided to call 911, he turned around and when he saw phone in my hand attacked me again and snatched the phone from me and disappeared in the houses east side of the road where it happened. After this I had to find another way to contact the Police so walked quickly along ailanthus ave. towards Dunn Street to get help from the security desk of maid of the mist camps (Niagara College). Building security took report, police dispatch came to take the report after that Police officers drove me to the Police HQ for an interview about the incident with a detective in front of a camera.

After Police formalities went to Peer Street Office to talk to my Case Manager.

That’s how this day turned out to be exciting.

Khalid Mahmood,

Ontario DL#: M0168-43405-61220


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