Attitudes & Behaviors : List Grows

What is on my mind is this:

The intolerant behavior demonstrated by the other person in my room on the wall side spare bed. Few examples as listed here

1) the sticky sound produced by unrolling the packing tape – upsets him

2) clicking sound produced by the key pad of the cell phone – upsets him.

3) sound produced by unwrapping a slice of cheese – upsets him.

4) sound produced by opening a drawer of chest of drawer – upsets him

recent observations about the same person – 2017

5) night light/reading light not acceptable by him and starts abusive, threatening language and shows violent tendency and ready to attack/harm.

6) watches TV high volume but does not like if I play music on phone.

7) now as of morning of February 12 my breathing and yawning bothers him

and he starts taking loud deep breaths in & out, shouting in abusive language.

these are the sounds that in modern life people are used to, at least I am and I take it as normal part of life.


Carriage House Motor Lodge #30

8004 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1H1

Niagara Falls, Ontario


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