Harassment from a Business called Niagara Falls Courtside Inn

I recently reported to Niagara Falls Police about this situation under report# 15-23143 that they were using my name to operate their business which destroyed all my employment/business opportunities and caused nuisance and monetary losses. some people were pretending to be “Khalid MAHMOOD” with out my authorization or delegation of authority to do so.

I am renting at this place called  Niagara Falls Courtside Inn located at 5640 Stanley Ave. in Niagara Falls since Dec 2013. Entire year of 2014 and part 2015 people knock on my door for various services. Out of courtesy I would open the door talk to them and help them also explain to them that I am not their staff. Entire snow season I kept my segment of the side-walk free of snow, because the building was unattended, office was closed no one was taking care. One day while I removing snow in front of my door one person said pointing towards a set of stairs that needs to cleaned has lot of snow. This made me display a sign in my window stating that I was not the operator of the business just a monthly tenant.

I hope this report will stop this nuisance. There may be other people out there facing similar situation knowingly or unknowingly. If want to continue this behavior they should pay for it as a fee.


Some one please help me understand what could be the motive of the US authorities behind separating me my legally married wife. Children need both parents for up bringing. Due to this imposed separation children are raised with out fathers role in their life. How noble is that. Since we are living apart since 2005 in two countries courts are unable to find a solution to this. I wonder what is the motive behind this.